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Some of Our Favorite Books
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Apologetics for Cults and World Religions
When Cultist Asks: A Popular Handbook on Cultic Misinterpretations
N. Geisler & Ron Rhodes

Concordant Discord
R.C. Zaehner

Answering Islam: The Crescent in Light of the Cross
Norman Geisler & A. Saleeb

The Kingdom of the Cults
Walter Martin

The Changing World of Mormonism
Jerald & Sandra Tanner

Apologetics in the New Age: A Christian Critique of Pantheism
David Clark & N. Geisler

The Reincarnation Sensation
Norman Geisler & J.Y. Amano

Inventing Mormonism: Tradition and the Historical Record
H.M. Marquardt & W.P. Walters

A Crash Course on the New Age Movement
Elliot Miller

Myth Conceptions: Joseph Campbell and the New Age
Tom Snyder

The Complete Guide to Christian Denominations
Dr. Ron Rhodes, Th.M., Th.D.

Rabbis Who Found the Messiah
Good News for Israel

Biblical Apologetics
The New Testament Documents: Are They Reliable?
F.F. Bruce

When Critics Ask: A Popular Handbook of Bible Difficulties
Norman Geisler & T. Howe

A General Introduction to the Bible
Norman Geisler & W. Nix

Jesus Under Fire: Modern Scholarship Reinvents the Historical Jesus
J.P. Moreland & M. Wilkins

Knowing Scripture
R.C. Sproul

Is the New Testament Reliable? A Look at the Historical Evidence
Paul Barnett

The Historical Reliability of the Gospels
Craig L. Blomberg

Exegetical Fallacies
D.A. Carson

When Critics Ask: A Popular Handbook of Bible Difficulties
Norman Geisler & T. Howe

Easter Enigma: Do the Resurrection Stories Contradict One Another?
John Wenham

Introductory Apologetics
No Doubt About It: The Case for Christianity
Winfried Corduan

Know What You Believe
Paul Little

The Case for Christianity
C.S. Lewis

Scaling the Secular City: A Defense of Christianity
J.P. Moreland

Classical Apologetics
R.C. Sproul et al

Risen Indeed: Making Sense of the Resurrection
Stephen T. Davis

When Skeptics Ask: A Handbook on Christian Evidences
Norman Geisler & R. Brooks

Handbook of Christian Apologetics
Peter Kreeft & R.K. Tacelli

Christianity for the Tough Minded
John Warwick Montgomery

Faith Founded on Fact: Essays in Evidential Apologetics
John Warwick Montgomery

History and Christianity
John Warwick Montgomery

The Suicide of Christian Theology
John Warwick Montgomery

Is Jesus the Only Savior?
Ronald Nash

To Everyone An Answer: A Case for the Christian Worldview: Essays in Honor of Norman L. Geisler
Francis J. Beckwith, et al

True for You, But Not for Me
Paul Copan

Philosophical Apologetics
Philosophers Who Believe: The Spiritual Journey of 11 Leading Thinkers
Kelly James Clark

Christian Apologetics
Norman Geisler

Miracles & the Modern Mind: A Defense of Biblical Miracles
Norman Geisler

God, Freedom and Evil
Alvin Plantinga

Worldviews in Conflict: Choosing Christianity in the World of Ideas
Ronald Nash

Come Let Us Reason: An Introduction to Logical Thinking
Norman Geisler & R. Brooks

Balanced Apologetics: Using Evidences and Presuppositions in Defense of the
Ronald B. Mayers

Scientific Apologetics
Darwin on Trial
Phillip E. Johnson

Christianity and the Nature of Science: A Philosophical Investigation
J.P. Moreland

The Creation Hypothesis: Scientific Evidence for an Intelligent Designer
J.P. Moreland

Not a Chance: The Myth of Change in Modern Science and Cosmology
R.C. Sproul

Bones of Contention: A Creationist Interpretation of the Human Fossils
Marvin Lubenow

The Natural Sciences Know Nothing of Evolution
A.E. Wilder-Smith

Theological Apologetics
Decide For Yourself: A Theological Workbook
Gordon Lewis

Essential Christianity: A Handbook of Basic Christian Doctrines
Walter Martin

A Systematic Theology of the Christian Religion
James Oliver Buswell

Systematic Theology
Charles Hodge

Christian Dogmatics
Francis Pieper

Christian Theology
Millard Erickson

Roman Catholics and Evangelicals
Norman Geisler & R. MacKenzie

Charts of Christian Theology and Doctrine
H. Wayne House

The Compact Dictionary of Doctrinal Words
Terry Miethe

The End of Liberal Theology: Contemporary Challenges to Orthodoxy
Peter Toon


ApologetiX gets their unusual name from the word "apologetics" which means "the defense of the Christian faith." It's based on the Greek word for defense, apologia, which is in the original text of this Bible verse from the Apostle Peter:

1 Peter 3:15
"But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer (or defense or "apologia") to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect."

When a person is called an apologist these days, he could be defending a number of ideas. If you like soccer and you're trying to convince someone that soccer is a great game, you could be called a "soccer apologist." But the original apologists were the early Christians who were trying to defend their faith to outsiders (the Romans, for example) who thought they were a cult and were spreading unsubstantiated rumors about them.

When we picked the name back in 1992, it was because Christian apologetics was really important to us. As ApologetiX lead singer J. Jackson says:

"Although I went to 12 years of religious school (Grades one through 12) and attended church faithfully, participated in choirs, etc., before I became a born again Christian, I didn't have a clue as to exactly 'why I believed what I believed.' When atheists or agnostics or cultists wanted to debate with me, I'd run away.

"Then I started reading the Bible and really, really researching things, and I discovered that there is a whole lot of evidence to back it up. There's a whole lot more to the story, but the point is that I wanted to be able to help others know 'why they believe what they believe.' So we chose the name ApologetiX, adding the "X" on the end to make it look more modern and to ensure we had a name that nobody else had ever used. We liked the name ApologetiX because it could be used with a "the" in front to make it sound like a '60's/'70's vocal group ("The ApologetiX," the Stylistics, the Dramatics, etc.) or a without a "the" to make it sound like a modern rock group ("ApologetiX," Anthrax, etc.)

Plus, starting with an "A" puts our name near the top of the alphabetical lists on the Net, in stores, etc., too (Ha ha ha!)

Some of our Favorite Apologetics Websites

Answers in
Ken Ham and the Institute for Creation Research
The resource-laden website of Christian Research Institute

Ligonier Ministries
R.C. Sproul's website

Stand to Reason
Greg Koukl's radio ministry

Apologetics Press
The publisher of Reason and Revelation amon

Walter Martin's Religious Infonet
The original Bible Answer Man.

Scholarly and popular resources concerning intelli

Discovery Institute
Scientific evidence for intelligent design.

Impact Apologetics
Great Books and Tapes

Leadership U
Insightful articles on apologetics

Reasoning from the Scriptures
Ron Rhodes Ministry

Christian Apologetics Research Ministry

Some Great Articles on Apologetics

Are You Prepared To Give A Defense?
Rod Rosenbladt

Is God Unconstitutional?
Phillip E. Johnson

Is God Unconstitutional? (Part 2)
Phillip E. Johnson

A Conversation About Apologetics
R.C. Sproul

What Christianity Is About
Gregory Koukl

Do all Religions lead to God?
Kenneth Samples

Do All Paths Lead to the Same Destination?
Keith E. Johnson

But I Worship God My Own Way.
Dr. Alan Scholes

I'd Like to Know God, But Why do I Need Jesus?
Dr. Alan Scholes

Culturally Aware Apologetics
Gregory Koukl

The Christian Canon
Don Closson

The Need for Defending the Faith
Norman L. Geisler

B. B. Warfield

Advice to Christian Philosophers
Alvin Plantinga

A (Not So) Brief Defense of Christianity
Jimmy Williams

Why Isn't the Evidence Clearer?
John A. Bloom

How Do You Know Christianity Is True?
Gregory Koukl

Arguing Is a Virtue
Gregory Koukl

Beyond Blind Faith
Paul E. Little

The Project of Apologetics
Michael Murray

The Resurrection of Theism
William Lane Craig

World Views
Jerry Solomon

Regarding Apologetics, An Apology
Greg Koukl

Six Enemies of Apologetic Engagement
Douglas Groothuis, Ph.D.

The Inspiration, Inerrancy, and Authority of the Bible
Ron Rhodes

Strategies for Dialoguing with Atheists
Ron Rhodes

Christian Apologetics: An Introduction
Rick Wade

Apologetics and Evangelism
Jimmy Williams

Evidence for the Ressurrection
Peter Kreeft/Fr. Ronald Tacelli

Resurrection of Jesus Puzzle
Steve Hinrichs