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Chart History
From the album American Town, Superman (It's Not Easy) was a #14 Pop hit for Five for Fighting in 2000.

John Ondrasik

J's Journal:
Adam talks to God and the listener right after the fall. A bittersweet song filled with remorse, yet coupled with hope in the future. I wasn't that impressed with the original version of this song till I saw the video for it while out for dinner with the band guys and our families at the Hard Rock Cafe in Pittsburgh. Something about that stuck with me, and then I started getting lyrics for it, and they were too beautiful to abandon. I really felt like God was inspiring it. I shared them with my wife, and she loved them. This song and "Called My Wife" are the main reasons why the album is called "Adam Up." Of all the tracks on "Adam Up," this song is probably the one the band members think turned out best.
Genre: Adult Contemp.
Length: 3:38

It's Not Eden
Parody of "Superman (It's Not Easy)" by Five for Fighting
(Genesis 3:1-24; 1 Timothy 2:1; 1 John 1:8)

I canít stand to lie; I got that from Eve
I just had a bite; You gave her, Lord, to me
I warned her at first; I more than explained
Thatís more than some pretty fruit beside a snake
And itís not easy to be deceived
I wish that I could hide, find a pile of leaves
Finally weíre wise, now my home Iíll never see
There may be a curse upon me like Eve
But even she will have a righteous seed
I may be just dirt, but once she conceives
Even we may have our rights redeemed
But itís not easy to be with Eve
Told us get away, away from here, but itís all alright
We can all be grounded tonight
Iím not angry or anything
I canít stand to fight; Iím not mad at Eve
Men werenít meant for pride; it clouds the things they need
Iím only a man, but still You said sheíd
Be pregnant with kids tonight and thatís one way we
Know thereís a plan, so Lord weíll yet seek
Looking for special things inside of Eve, in spite of me
In spite of me, inside of Eve, in spite of me
Iím only a man in Genesis three
Iím only a man lookiní for a seed
Iím the only man and thereís only just Eve
And itís not Eden
Itís not easy to leave here

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