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Chart History
From the album Lost in the Ozone, Hot Rod Lincoln was a #9 Pop hit for Commander Cody in 1972.

It was also a big hit for Tiny Hill on in 1951.

Charlie Ryan & W.S. Stevenson

J's Journal:
I wrote this song in 1992, I believe. We were playing it "live" as early as June 1992, because it originally appeared on our "Get Your Wigs" cassette, which was recorded "live" at the Paradise Club in June 1992. I wanted to write a song that would have all the facts and figures regarding the dimensions of Noah's Ark (inspired by Bill Cosby's "What's a cubit?" comment), the number of animals and the amount of time that elapsed during the story. I knew the "Not Logs Lincoln" part was crazy, but it was too much fun to pass up, and I figured many other people would remember that classic toy Lincoln Logs, as I did, from childhood. Karl used to comment in concert that an ark made of Lincoln Logs would need to be held together by Log Cabin Syrup! In the line, "Take seven of every clean animal, two of every unclean one, male and it's mate," Karl had to go back and fix my vocal, so the word "seven" is actually said by Karl. Make sure you listen for the moment in the song when our drummer, Rick Servocky, drops a stick and has to keep playing. He shouts "Ahhh!"
Genre: Classic Rock
Length: 3:05

Not Logs Lincoln
Parody of "Hot Rod Lincoln" by Commander Cody
(Genesis 6-8)

Noah had to have a boat to survive or heíd be sinkiní
So he built it out of gopher wood and not logs Lincoln!
Well, have you heard the story of the giant ship,
Which Noah started buildiní in Genesis 6
That storyís true, Iím here to say ó thereís archeological evidence around today
One day God decided Heíd finally had enough,
Told Noah and his family it was time to pack up
Said, Build yourself an ark out of pitch and wood,
Iím gonna hit the earth with a worldwide flood
300 cubits long by 50 cubits wide -- make it 30 cubits deep for a roomy inside
With three decks dividiní and windows on the top
Then start gatheriní animals and just donít stop
450 feet long if my numbers are correct, 75 feet wide with the same three decks
So the roomy insideís 45 feet deep -- thatís more than a million and a half cubic feet
Letís look at displacement just for fun; thatís 43,300 tons,
So the basic dimensions you could probably say
Were about the same as many ocean liners today
So the Lord told Noah he was gonna start a zoo:
Take seven of every clean animal, two of every unclean one, male and its mate
And stick Ďem in the ark and donít be late
Now, I read somewhere thereís about 290 main species of land animals you can find
That are larger than sheep and not only that; thereís 757 more from sheep to rats
With 1,358 more species that are smaller than rats, well, you know it wasnít easy
But it says there in Genesis 6:22,
Noah did everything the Lord commanded him to do
And his other son, Japheth and the wives of each of them
And he got inside the ark, when he turned 600,
And the sky grew dark and it probably thundered
On the 17th day of the second month, then,
Well, the springs of the great deep burst open
And the floodgates of the heavens opened up wide
And the Lord sent rain 40 days and 40 nights
So the rains came down and the floods kept risiní
Over the tops of the mountains and the whole horizon
And the waters stayed level for 150 more
And a bunch of birds later, Noah opened up the door
After 371 days in the ark, old Noah got out, and he probíly said ďHark!
ďIím glad I had a boat to survive or Iíd be sinkiní,
That's why I built it out of gopher wood and not logs Lincoln!

Genesis 6:14
So make yourself an ark of cypress wood; make rooms in it and coat it with pitch inside and out

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