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Chart History
From the album Tommy, Pinball Wizard was a #13 hit for The Who in 1969.

Pete Townshend

Guest Stars
David McKee
J's Journal:
The Who's "Tommy" was a rock opera about a deaf, dumb, and blind person who becomes a would-be messiah. "Jesus Christ Morningstar" is a would-be rock opera about the Messiah who heals deaf, dumb, and blind people. And "Temple Physician" describes those miraculous healings and the growing excitement that fills the crowds as they talk about Him and speculate about His identity. When John the Baptist sent messengers to Jesus to ask if He truly was the Messiah, Jesus said: “Go back and report to John what you hear and see: The blind receive sight, the lame walk, those who have leprosy are cured, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, and the good news is preached to the poor." (Matthew 11:4-5). I liked the word combination "temple physician" not just because it sounded like "pinball wizard" but also because the Temple was God's house, and a physician is a doctor. Is there a doctor in God's house? Yes! And everybody needs Him, although only some realize it. As Jesus said in Matthew 9:12, ""It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick." We started playing this parody live sometime in the spring of 1992. I don't think we were performing it yet when we played our first concert, but it does appear on our first live cassette, "Get Your Wigs," which was recorded in June 1992, and also on our second cassette, "Parable Guy," from the fall of 1992. As you might guess, the words were modified for the version that appears on "Jesus Christ Morningstar."
Genre: Classic Rock
Length: 3:01

Temple Physician
Parody of "Pinball Wizard" by The Who
(Isaiah 35:5-6, Matthew 11:4-5, 21:14)

Ever since I was a young boy I prayed in the synagogue
That somehow the Messiah would rush to save us all
But I ain't seen nothing like Him in any Jerusalem hall
The deaf, dumb and blind came -- the Lord Jesus healed them all
They says He's got an attitude -- He's not part of the regime
Healin' all the lepers -- although they're unclean
Breakin' men's traditions -- that didn't count at all
The deaf, dumb and blind came -- the Lord just healed them all
He's a temple physician; a pastor to the sick
A temple physician -- one touch just does the trick
Why do they think He's trouble? I don't know! Some say He's no good
And when John the Baptist was havin' some doubts in jail
He sent people to Christ to ask Him, "Hey, Christ, what's the deal?"
All Jesus said was, "Relay -- everything you saw
The deaf, dumb and blind came -- the Lord just healed them all"
The Romans want a very evil king
But God just handed down Israel's crown to Him
Even Sabbath Day He's available -- Jesus needs no rest
His disciples believe in Him -- and we just must confess
If God's savin' sick and sinners -- maybe we should call
The deaf, dumb and blind came -- The Lord Jesus healed them all

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