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Chart History
From the album Moving Pictures, Tom Sawyer was a #8 hit for Rush in 1981.

Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart & Pye Dubois

J's Journal:
One of the most powerful moments in the Bible for me is when the Apostle Thomas finally sees the risen Christ in John 20. You remember the story: Jesus had appeared to the disciples on Sunday, but Thomas hadn’t been there, and he didn’t believe the other disciples when they told him that Jesus had risen and appeared to them. In fact, he said he wouldn’t believe unless he actually got to see the nail marks and put his fingers in them and put his hand into Christ’s wounded side. A week later, Jesus appeared again to His disciples, this time with Thomas present, and invited Thomas to see and touch for himself. Can you imagine how stunned Thomas must have been? All he could say was “My Lord and my God!” He wasn’t swearing, either; he was acknowledging Christ as both his Lord and God. But we still call him doubting Thomas, even though the Bible shows that he was willing to risk his life for Christ even before the resurrection (John 11:8,16) and history shows that he went on to become a great missionary for the early church before finally being martyred. We wanted to capture that powerful moment when Thomas saw the risen Christ with a parody of a powerful song. I wrote this parody in 2002, but back in 1999-00, I considered going in a totally different direction with this song and calling it "Top Lawyers." On a humorous note, I originally wrote a spoof of this song back in 1981, about a friend of mine who was hooked on chewing tobacco.
Genre: Classic Rock
Length: 4:31

Tom Saw Ya
Parody of "Tom Sawyer" by Rush
(John 20:24-29, Psalm 16:8-11)

On Monday he wouldn't trust we'd seen Christ
Today Tom saw Your spear-pierced side
Though his mind was not convinced
He couldn't doubt the evidence
He observed Your side and hands
Finding out the way we did, You're risen!
What You prayed about has come to be
It's what King David said in Psalm 16
Christ is risen; that's no myth -- Just a mystery that's legit
The world says, the world says love and life are cheap
Maybe now the price will rise
Today Tom saw Ya, he set eyes on You
And the face he just made -- it was quite a view
Thomas tried to talk and yet
"My Lord and God" was all he said
All he hoped for had just commenced
He knows graves are not permanent -- but grace is!
And One You say's about to comfort me
Though some will say we lack sobriety:
That's the witness, that's the gift, that's the Spirit, class dismissed
The world is, the world is lost and like a sheep
They that have the Christ are wise
Exit the Lord and yet today Tom saw Ya
He set eyes on You and he'll never be the same
He'll get right onto the mission of the faith

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