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Chart History
From the album Throwing Copper, Lightning Crashes was a #1 hit for Live in 1995.

Edward Kowalczyk & Live

J's Journal:
The following is a true story. I wrote it down the day it happened, because I knew I would start to wonder if it really happened as years went by. Here's what I wrote: On Nov. 21, 1995, something really wild happened to me. A few days before, I had written "Lightning Flashes," a parody based on Jesus' prediction of his second coming in Matthew 24:27. I wondered, “Am I writing too many songs about the endtimes lately? Is "Lightning Flashes" just one more?" As I walked across the bridge to work that morning I came upon a beggar with a styrofoam cup, who was sitting on the sidewalk in one of the compartments of the bridge. He wasn’t dressed well for the chilly breeze over the river — his underwear was even showing through holes in his jeans. I gave him some change and a pocket Bible, said “Jesus loves you,” and kept moving to try and get to work on time ... but something told me to go back and at least give him a dollar bill...not that a dollar is much. When I got back to him, he was already reading the Bible. He looked up at me and said, “Matthew Chapter 24, Verse 27, ‘As the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.’” It really blew me away, because he wasn't even on that page in his Bible; he was quoting it from memory. We introduced ourselves. His name was Anthony, and he'd obviously been drinking. I asked him why he was on the streets and he told me how his wife had thrown him out and how he missed his kids. He knew his escatology (endtimes theology) pretty well. I asked him how he knew about the Bible, and he said "From reading it in prison." Then we prayed together. I knew I would soon be late for work, so I quickly asked him if he was hungry. It just so happened that I had two strombolis in my lunch instead of just one. Finally, we said our goodbyes to which he added, “J., He’s coming back.” I hurried across the rest of the bridge, where I met a co-worker who'd seen us praying. He asked what we'd talked about. He wasn’t too impressed with my Lightning Flashes story, but I think he was impressed by my taking time to talk to Anthony. Here I thought I was going to witness to Anthony and I wound up witnessing to somebody else ... while God was witnessing to me.
Genre: Grunge
Length: 4:51

Lightning Flashes
Parody of "Lightning Crashes" by Live
(Matt. 24:27)

Lightning flashes all over the sky
Weather center calls for a storm
This ain't no ordinary sky
The invasion begins
Who thought that God would step in and stop the war?
Lightning flashes ... an old book of mine
Clearly mentioned all this before
We ain't supposed to be surprised
But the few who prepared
Are gone now as we face the wrath of God
Ooh, I see Him comin' back again
Like the lightning comes from east to the west
Faces fallin' as the Son returns to earth again ... I can see Him
Lightning flashes ... the moment of Christ
This moment He's been waitin' for
The angel hosts have arrived!
Pale and paralyzed, we face the Son
But the glory is too bright! Bright!
Ooh, I see Him comin' back again
Like the lightning comes from east to the west
Voices callin' out as sinners on the earth confess, "I believe it!"
Ooh, I see Him comin' back again
Like the lightning comes from east to the west
We're so sorry, but repentence doesn't work right then, I can see it
Ooh, I see Him comin' back again
Like He told in Matthew's Gospel back then
Chapter 24 the 27th verse, amen ... I believe it

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