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Chart History
From the album Bleed American, The Middle was a #5 Pop hit for Jimmy Eat World in 2001.

Jimmy Eat World

J's Journal:
A surprising and funny look at the three times Christ used saliva to heal the blind and the deaf. Although part of it is tongue-in-cheek, it really does say a mouthful. Like "Look Yourself," much of this song was written during 45-minute car trips to the bank and back with my baby daughter Heather in the back seat. As soon as I got the idea about spit, I thought, "Uh oh, here's another one in the vain of 'All the Stalls Stink.'" But I always thought those three stories about Jesus healing with spit were pretty interesting, and it was neat to have a song that included all of the instances and the scipture verses for them. It just goes to show that God doesn't always do things in the manner we expect and He can use things we think are worthless, like spit, to do amazing things.
Genre: Modern Rock
Length: 2:48

The Spittle
Parody of "The Middle" by Jimmy Eat World
(John 9:5-7; Mark 7:32-34, 8:22-24)

Hey, don’t write your songs ‘bout spit
It’s only in your head to fill your mouth – well, look out, Mom
The Bible says Christ healed a sightless man
With only dirt and spit He twirled Himself – He cured this way
He just takes some grime, lets it swirl in the spittle
Rubs his eyes with it and then the man could see just fine
Cause he left everything to Jesus Christ in John 9
Hey, you know this song is strange
I know you’re droolin’ at the thought of more (thought of more) – I know I am
So get a Bible out and just brace yourself
Because in chapter eight the book of Mark (book of Mark) there’s somewhere else
He just takes some blind little-known individual
Rubs his eyes with His spit, then He says, “Are you all right?”
Then the man said it looked like trees – oh my! Hold tight!
It just takes two times – didn’t have to double-dribble
Touched the guy just once again and he could see just fine
Yes and the medicine was real saliva, no lie
Hey, don’t write this song off yet
There’s one more incident that we left out (we left out) so look that up
This dude was deaf  (both mute and deaf)
Christ put his fingers in (He put his fingers in)
And don’t you worry ‘bout the spitting part (spitting part) I’m gonna say
He just takes saliva – yeah, the Lord spit a little
Then applied it to the deaf man’s tongue and Jesus sighed
And said “Ephphatha” and his ears were quite all right
So just take some time in the Word, read a little
Of the Bible – Mark chapter 7’s where you’ll meet the guy
Then read the rest of it you’ll see the light

©2010 Parodudes Music, Inc.