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Chart History
From the album Loc-ed After Dark, Wild Thing was a #1 hit for Tone Lōc in 1988.

Young MC

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Length: 4:24

Child King
Parody of "Wild Thing" by Tone Lōc
(Luke 2:8-20, Isaiah 1:18)


Work with all the sheep -- that's my prime source of money
So when the sheep get dumb I can go and I find where they're runnin'
Most were sound asleep -- I saw this curly sheep was jumpy
In the blink of an eye, she got mesmerized and went to discover something
Went to use my shepherd's crook, she headed for the briars
I said, "There's something goin' on, baby girl" and "I'm gonna find ya"
She took a little spill and fell -- she slipped, poor little thing
I went to free my sheep in her moment of need
And that led us to the Child King
Child King
Child King

Shocking as it was, looking awesome, way up high
I saw this person it was not some bird but if he had to he just might fly
He looked at me, "A child," he said, "that God sent is born tonight"
'Cause there’s hope for thee, I bring goodwill and peace and news of Christ
So I turned into a mouse – I think that dude could hover
I feared before but yo, here's some more
I looked up and there were some others
I didn't know what to say – all those angels on the wing
But they sang a tune – and I was quite moved
And I left to view the Child King
Child King
I left to view the Child King
Child King
Please, baby, baby, please

You'd possibly expect they'd bling Him out with all this hype
But when me and the crew went to his digs
He wasn't really the rich-guy type
Saw this precious little babe cryin', lyin' on a bed of straw
This sweet young miss, though, gave Him a kiss
And I knew that she was His ma
She took us to their living room – it was part outside
He didn't glow but He fit the profile
I made up my own mind
I couldn't get Him off my thoughts
It was ... a dramatic thing
But that's what happened to a lot of us after
From viewin' the Child King
Child King
We went to view the Child King
Please, baby, baby, please

Child King!

You know that Kid'll grow and I mean no disrespect
But sometimes some Christians want Him to stop
So they're spared His blood and death
They want Him to come and stay
A cute and little prince
But if He’s still a child He can’t save you later, and forgive your sins
So when there's snow at Christmas
Let's look at it another way
Our sins are whiter than snow because He took the toll
We weren't prepared to pay
He was all alone when He set the tone
When they killed Him one spring
He needed to be older
To make you holy
'Cause a babe can't do that kind of thing
Save us?
Yo, suffering's not for kiddies
That swaddlin' babe?
Just wait about 30 years
Catch Him at Easter, baby

Child King!

"Come now, let us settle the matter," says the Lord.
"Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow;
though they are red as crimson,
they shall be like wool."

©2013 Parodudes Music, Inc.