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Chart History
One Night in Bangkok was a #3 hit for Murray Head in 1984.

Benny Andersson, BjŲrn Ulvaeus & Tim Rice

Genre: Classic Rock
Length: 3:16

One Night in Bethlehem
Parody of "One Night in Bangkok" by Murray Head
(Micah 5:2, Luke 2:3-16, Matthew 2:1-16, John 7:42, Jeremiah 1:12)

Bankrupt, boring little city
And the city donít know what a gift it is getting
But crammed Bethlehem has a guest star in her
Who goes with everything at Yule dinner

Iím surprised no one seemed to visit
Since the former king and psalmist was once born in it
Saul came, donít you know he then moved
Davidís his general, you canít fault him for that can you?
Heís fightiní with the Philistines -- why waste time -- on -- on this place?

One night in Bethlehem the world played hostess
The barn was simple but it sure came cheap
The Son of God would change the winter solstice
And if youíre looking at the goats and sheep
I can see an angel flying up to me

Young child, Mary was his mother
But theyíll head down over to Egypt, brother
Thereís a dragnet involved, itís really such a pity
Herodís looking for the boy Ė not looking apathetic
Wait a minute
He thinks one child can politically bring him down?

Jesus, young and sweet (young, sweet)
King Herodís fed up and things are gonna get ugly
That guyís a tough Tyrannosaurus
Whose every move is fast and furious
Iíd get my kid across the state line at crunch time

One night in Bethlehem the start was humble
Not much to see but there was history
One guy was sent to end the 12 Tribesí troubles
So be prepared to meet your coming king
I can see the Gentiles watch expectantly

Wise men are gonna be in Guinness
As the ultimate quest to celebrate Christmas
These gifts seem more than youíd have
Brought a young ruler of the Tribe of Judah
Praise God, Heís always watching His Word, fulfilling it

I donít see two guys raised in
The time and place Zionís prophets placed Him
Iíll bet you lunch you couldnít find two
But it seems these clues do not entice you

So youíd better go back to the start, and the symbols from your forefathers

One night in Bethlehem the world rejoices
The barnís no temple, but that Boyís a Priest
Itís time for God so raise your golden voices
Heís in the flesh, a little mystery
I can see the angels flying just to see

One night in Bethlehem the start was humble
Not much to see but there was history
The Christ was sent to end the 12 Tribesí troubles
And with a careful look at prophecy
I can see a dreidel on your Christmas tree

John 7:42

Does not Scripture say that the Messiah will come from Davidís descendants and from Bethlehem, the town where David lived?

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