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Chart History
One of These Nights was a big hit for The Eagles in .

Don Henley & Glenn Frey

Genre: Classic Rock
Length: 4:50

One of These Guys
Parody of "One of These Nights" by The Eagles
(Matthew 26:20-35)

One of these guys - one of these favorites of Mine
We're gonna find out did Me wrong now
Once they're done tonight
The cock will be crowing as Peter denies
And the rest of you head for your homes
You don't believe it - You're My disciples
But I've gotta do this alone

Ooh, Lord, we'll stand beside you
Even if there's trouble in sight
Ooh, Lord we won't deny you
Swear we're right behind you all of the time

One of you schemes - one of the apostles on my team, now
We're gonna found out - wasn't really clean
My insurgent one was brought here by the devil himself
Like the serpent was an angel of light
Lyin', waitin' for a moment to deliver me up
And I've a feelin' that the moment is ripe

Ooh, some of us you'll find true
Even if there's one who's a spy (Oh, whoa, whoa)
Ooh, Lord we're right behind you
Swear we'll stand beside you all of the time

(One of these guys)
Ooh later in the garden tonight
Someone right beside me, Spirit who's inside me
Indicates it's one of these guys (One of these guys)
Whoo hoo hoo Whoo hoo hoo (One of these guys)
And I can feel it, I can feel it (One of these guys)
Comin' up behind me, they're all gonna find me now
(One of these guys)
And it's gettin' dark, so dark and lonely now
(One of these guys)
One who betrays me, slays me, makes me die
(One of these guys)
They're all gonna try me, then they'll crucify me now
(One of these guys)
Ooooh Ooooh (One of these guys)
And he's on his way now

Matthew 26:21
And while they were eating, he said, "I tell you the truth, one of you will
betray me."

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