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ApologetiX: South Carolina, Campus Life, and Much
Wed., May. 16. 2001 1:26am EDT

Good day, eh!

J. Jackson, lead singer and lyricist for ApologetiX (That Christian Parody Band) here.

1.New Parodies
2.Concert in South Carolina This Friday
3.Campus Life Article
4.Update on Our Former Drummer's Wife
5.Compliments from the Cleveland Concert
6.Upcoming Concerts
7.Praise Reports and Prayer Requests


Let me tell you, folks, this past week is a testimony to the fact that God is responsible for everything good that you hear from ApologetiX. I've been working on parody lyrics for a number of new songs, and there were about five of them that I had one-third done that I just couldn't finish. I knew from the ideas that I already had for those songs that they had potential to be great parodies, and I had lots of little phrases here and there throughout each song, but I just couldn't seem to tie them together. I was struggling with these songs for a few months, and then all of a sudden, it was like God turned on a faucet, and everything just flowed! It's like "Grab a pen as fast as you can, because the hits just keep coming!" God has given me prolific periods like this in the past, but it never ceases to amaze me. It's another testimony to how little human effort comes into play in the actual success of the thing. Human effort is necessary in any project, but the success is ultimately determined by God.

Now let me make it clear that we do not consider ourselves prophets or anything like that. But the creative gifts we have for communication are gifts given to us by God, and if you are blessed by something we say or do in a song, we ought to give all the glory to Him. You know, I've had this "Rhyming Dictionary" book for about a decade, and when I'm stuck I always look in it for rhymes, and I can't remember one time in all those years in which I was able to find a word I could use in a song! The good stuff just flows it's like it comes from thin air. But even many of the big boys of rock and roll and pop music have stated before that they don't know where their inspiration comes from, but they know it doesn't come from them! Where their inspiration DOES come from may be subject to speculation, but I know where any good stuff we come up with comes from, and that's exciting to me! We always want to have fresh, challenging, educational, funny, interesting things to say to you, and I think you're going to like these new parodies when you finally hear them!

The folks at the Punxsutawney concert this past weekend (Punxsutawney Phil was nowhere to be found) got a few bonus tracks when we played a little AC/DC, Limp Bizkit and Three Doors Down for them with parody words of course. We also dug out "Learn Some Deuteronomy" upon request, and I think that's the first time we've every done that one in concert. It was a lot of fun!


It's our first trip to South Carolina since Gaffney, SC, in 1996 and 1998! Our beloved Pittsburgh Penguins were in the Stanley Cup semi-finals when we played in South Carolina the first time (Actually, they had just been eliminated by the Florida Panthers the day or two before while we were in Florida for a concert!), and now they're back again! Trivia note: It was on our way to that first concert in Gaffney, SC, in a legendary Waffle House in Georgia, that our bass player, Keith, got his first of many new names Stan! And that Waffle House visit is preserved on video tape!

So come out and see us this Friday!

Fri., May 18, 2001 at 8 p.m.
1010 DeVinney Road
York, SC
Contact: Rev. Alan Price of Union Baptist Church (803) 684-3881
Contact: Shelly Myers (803) 684-0249 Email:


ApologetiX is featured with a photo in the May/June issue of Campus Life magazine. You can probably pick up a copy at your local Christian book store. I know they stock them in the stores in our area. I think we're on page 25. It's a positively atrocious photo of Keith. If you want to see a really cool photo of Keith, check out our ad in the latest issue of HM Magazine! Now, that's cool! "Trooth" is featured on the latest HM CD sampler, and "Choirboy " is slated for track #2 on the following sampler.

We were also mentioned favorably this past Sunday in an article on Christian music in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.


Thanks to all of you who keep asking about Jill Flaherty, the wife of our former drummer, Bob. Lisa and I spent the evening with them recently and watching "Gladiator." It's cool to see a historical movie in which they can't swear because the usual words haven't been invented yet! Anyway, Jill is feeling pretty good these days. She had an MRI last week, and the tumor has not grown, so that was very encouraging news! The doctors are going to wait another six months, and check it again. They're not going to do a biopsy, because it's in the brain, and that's too risky. Jill still has to take anti-seizure medication, but she can go back to work (She teaches high school kids) and that makes her very happy. Please continue to keep them in your prayers. If you'd like to write them, their e-mail address is


Back on May 5, as you may remember, we played in Cleveland. Our bass player, Keith, wore his Indians cap with Chief Wahoo smiling prominently. It was a really great time. Since then, we received this very sweet e-mail from the man who organized the concert, Mike Bunaisky. Mike is such a devoted youth leader that, although he has a grown-up daughter, he allowed the kids to shave his head and leave a tuft of hair, which they dyed pink for the day of the concert. Here's what he had to say in an e-mail after the concert:

Hi J,

Wow! What a great evening!! The Lord really worked through your music Saturday. We got so much positive feed back following the concert FROM ALL AGES! The man that video taped the concert came not really expecting to enjoy it BUT he couldn't say enough good things about the job the group did.

My sister-in-law wasn't going to come because she doesn't like loud music anymore BUT she was dancin' the night away and enjoying every minute of it. One of Pastor Carl's sons, Daniel, came up when a CD was being given to the 'under 30 crowd' AND when one was being given to the 'over 30 crowd'! He wanted to win a CD!

My future son-in-law can't wait until we can have you guys back!! He is a diehard heavy metal/punk fan BUT he said this was better then any concert he has ever attended. He was dancing {if you want to call what he did dancing} the night away and my daughter was trying to keep him in his seat. .

When you guys were working the crowd it was so awesome! At one point Carl used our daughter's back as a recliner and my wife was laughing her head off!! You stood on the seat next to my daughter and she (my wife) was hysterical! Our daughter and future son-in-law were the ones that "introduced" us to ApologetiX and we are very grateful to them. You showed the kids that they CAN ATTEND A CHRISTIAN CONCERT AND HAVE FUN!!

Please thank "the wives" for the joy that they brought to the evening, too. When one young lady with a mental disability didn't understand why she didn't win a CD Krista (the bass player's wife) gave her a T-shirt and CD. "The King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.' (Matthew 25:40) She just lit up!!

We know that hearts were changed and a few more made the choice to enter the Kingdom.

Thank you and Praise God! Mike Bunaisky Soldiers of the Cross Youth Ministry


Sun., June 10 at 6 p.m.
Oakhurst Community Park
Sponsored by KAAT Radio
40356 Oak Park Way
Oakhurst, CA 93644
Contact: Larry Gamble 559-279-2146 pager or 559-683-1031 station

Fri., June 15, 7:30 p.m. (Doors open at 7 p.m.)
New Life Presbyterian Church
326 Raymaley Road
Harrison City, PA 15636
Contact: Lisa Bodnar 724-864-4758 $5 at door

Sat., June 16 at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m.
Prairie Peddler Festival
Rt. 97
Butler OH
Contact: Tom Skoglund 419-663-1818

Wed., June 20, 2001 at 12:50 p.m.
Alive Festival
Wood Stage Canal
Fulton, OH
Contact: Bill Graening 330-854-0011

Sat., June 23, 2001, TBA
Shout 2001 Festival
Paramounts Carowinds Theme Park Paladium
14523 Carowinds Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28273-6904
Contact: Richard Young 336-699-2733

Fri., June 29, 2001 at 8 p.m.
Conneaut Valley High School Gym
Conneaultville PA
Contact: John Boratyn 814-587-2127

Sun., July 8, 2001 9 & 10:30 AM (1 Song in service) and 6 p.m. (Concert)
First Christian Church
2659 1st Street
Napa, CA 94558
Contact: Nickie Turnipseed 707-253-7222 ext. 224

Sat., July 14, 2001, evening TBA
Sunnyview Fairgrounds
Oshkosh WI
Contact: Bob Lenz, Mark Nellessen 1-800-955-LIFE

Sat., July 28, 2001 at 8 p.m.
Freedom Fest
Grandview Park
Sioux City IA
Contct: Kevin Gullings (712) 239-5260

August 3-5, Not confirmed Inside Out Soul Festival Loon Mountain Lincoln, NH

August 5-8, Not confirmed
ApologetiX may appear as late addition - watch schedule for details
Kingdom Bound Six Flags at Darien Lake
Darien Center, NY

Sat., Aug. 11, 2001 at 3 p.m. (Event runs 12-5 p.m.)
Youth Bash 2001
National Road
Morristown, OH
Contact: Barb Guest 740-699-2599 or 304-280-3792

Sun., Aug. 12, 2001 at 7 p.m.
Thorn Creek United Methodist.Church
Rockdale Road
Butler, PA
Contact: Tom Sullivan 724-352-3091

Sat., Aug. 18, 2001, 12-2:30 p.m.
Bratwurst Festival
300 S. Syndusky
Bucyrus OH 44820
Contact: Barb Basore, chairperson 419-562-8908
Pastor Mike Cole, cell 419-610-8728

Sun., Aug. 26, 2001 at 5 .m.
Crossfire kick-off weekend
Christ Un. Methodist Church
3300 Austin Parkway
Sugar Land, TX 77479
Contact: Julie Frazier 281-980-6888 ext. 304

Wed., Aug. 29, 2001 at 6:30 p.m.
First Christian Church
710 S. Zane Highway
Martins Ferry, OH 43935
Contact: Rev. Saco 740-633-3615

Sat., Sept. 8, 2001 at 7 p.m.
Ohio United Presbyterian Church
Longview at Maratta Road
Aliquippa, PA 15001
Contact: Patty Strominger 724-378-3690

Sat.. Sept. 15, 2001 at 6 p.m.
See You at the Pole Rally (with Five Iron Frenzy)
Faith Evangelical Free Church
Rt 222
Trexlertown, PA

Sat., Sept. 29, 2001 at 1 & 3:00 PM Prairie Peddler Festival
Rt. 97
Butler OH
Contact: Tom & Suzie Skoglund 419-663-1818

Sat., Oct. 6 at 7:30 p.m.
Christian Publications/Cornerstone Chapel
620 Route 23 North
Pompton Plains, NJ 07444
Contact: Emily Strunk 973-616-7080

Sat., Oct. 19, 2001 at 7 p.m.
St. Mark's Lutheran Church
201 W. Jefferson St.
Butler, PA 16001
Contact: Pastor Rich Leseganich 724-287-6741

Fri., Oct. 26, 2001 at 9 p.m.
Northwest Ministries
(after football Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church game)
5005 Northwest Blvd.
Plymouth MN 55442
Contact: Larry Deyoe #763-550-1000 ext. #106

Sat., Oct. 27, 2001 at 8 p.m.
Nebraska Church of God Retreat
Rock Haven Conv. & Retreat Center
76309 Road 415
Gothenburg, NE 69138
Contact: Jason Johnson 402-486-3450

Sun., Dec. 30, 2001 at 7:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.
Toronto 2001
NE Area Wesleyan Youth Convention
Sheraton Hotel
123 Queen St.
West Toronto, Ont. Canada
Contact: Rob MacCallum

7. PRAISE REPORTS & PRAYER REQUESTS The Haynies (Our bass player, Keith, his wife, Krista, and their three kids) have sold their house -- it was only on the market for three weeks! Now, they have put in an offer on a bigger house (one with room for all three of their kids). Please pray that God provides them with the right house before they have to move out of their old one!

Please pray for the mother of our drummer, Bill Rieger. She has a strong faith in Christ, but she is facing a very serious medical condition. About a year ago she was diagnosed with an advanced form of rheumatoid arthritis that has a lot of other symptoms. This came right on the heals of her 10-year anniversary of surviving cancer, from which she had an undeniably miraculous recovery. Recently they found a "protein" in her blood that doesn't belong there. The best she could explain to Bill was, "Oh, it could kill me, but we'll see what else the doctors say and what God has to say about it." Bill says she historically has downplayed things when she was going through trials like that and he asks that we "pray for the peace of Christ in my family, for the ability to support her in this, for strength of my mother (which is noticeably leaving her right now), for accurate doctors and swift diagnosis, and for anything else."

Please pray for an unspoken prayer request for me. Although I can't get into details in this e-mail, something very important is going to happen in my family on May 30. Please pray for God's perfect will to be done. Thanks!



-- J. Jackson Lead Singer/Lyricist ApologetiX (That Christian Parody Band)

We apologize to anybody who has e-mailed recently and hasn't gotten a response yet. Sorry! We've been swamped! But we're working on answering all of you as quickly as possible!

2 Corinthians 10:4
The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds.