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05.21.18Get Multiple Downloads for One Donation
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01.10.18Fan Will Match Donations Up to $5000
01.10.18You Don't Need to Be in the USA to Enjoy Our USB
01.10.18Clues for Our Second Single of 2018

ApologetiX: WI, OH, New Single, Keyboards, Everlife
Wed., Feb. 25. 2004 12:05pm EST

1. This Weekend: Two in Wisconsin
2. Next Weekend: Toledo OH
3. Two Weeks Out: Missouri & Indiana
4. Guess Who's Coming to Concert? Our Secret Weapon
5. "Look Yourself" Hits #1 on New Chart
6. New Remixed Single from "Adam Up"
7. Two More "Adam Up" Reviews
8. Girls from "Meshach" Signed to Major Label
9. Upcoming Concerts (New Ones in MO & FL)
10. "Adam Up," "Isn't Wasn't Ain't" Plus $7 CDs & More On Sale Online
11. How to Order "Adam Up" and the Other CDs Via Mail

J. Jackson, lead singer and lyricist for ApologetiX (That Christian Parody Band) here.

Thanks to all of you who tuned in to the Rick & Bubba Show while we were on the air last Friday. In addition to the interview, we played "Smooth Grandmama" and "I'm Gonna Feed (500 Mouths)" semi-unplugged and answered calls (We had no idea how many Rick & Bubba listeners were ApologetiX fans!) Rick & Bubba are great guys off the air, too -- very friendly and hospitable.

After Rick & Bubba's in Birmingham, AL, we had a great time at the concerts Friday and Saturday night in Mississippi and Louisiana Everybody treated us great, and it was awesome to finally make our concert debuts in both of those states. Now we only have seven states to go and we'll have played them all! And, believe it or not, three of those states are really close to our home in Pittsburgh, PA -- Delaware, Connecticut and Rhode Island. For the record, the other four states we have yet to play are Alaska, Idaho, Montana and North Dakota (Every year, we play Spirit Midwest, which is so close to Fargo, near the border :)

The downside is that our van's transmission started having problems in the deep South and barely made it back. It's in the shop this weekend, and even though we replaced it last year, we've already far exceeded the mileage on warranty. But we're thankful that the van made it back safely! But we'll be riding in a rental van this weekend. Don't worry; God provides. And it'll just make our "We're in a Parody Band" song all the funnier ... in retrospect.


Friday, February 27, 2004 7:30 PM
Tickets $10 advance $15 Door
Tickets can be purchased at
Lighthouse Books in Janesville 608-754-2665
People s Church in Beloit 608-362-7556
Bible Book Center in Rockford 815-654-0020 or
Lemstone Christian 815-332-5505
2931 Lucerne Drive
Janesville, WI 53545
CONTACT: David Ashley 608-757-8220 or Email

Saturday, February 28, 2004 7:00 PM
Tickets $10.00 in advance $12 at the door
Purchase tickets at
New London: Familiar Grounds Coffee Shop,
Appleton: Family Christian Store and Lemstone Books,
Oshkosh: Basic Books,
Green bay: Lighthouse Books
Waupaca: Faith Expressions
Fond Du Lac: Reach Out Books
Sponsored by Cornerstone Christian Church
Klatt Road
New London, WI 54961
CONTACT: Pastor Kevin Christian 920-982-0917


Saturday, March 6, 2004 7:00 PM
Tickets $8 Advance, $12 Door
Family Christian Stores and Lifeway in Toledo
Sponsored by YES-FM
5115 Glendale Avenue
Toledo, OH 43614
CONTACT: 419-389-0893


Friday, March 12, 2004 7:00 PM
Tickets are free, but you have to call and reserve your seat
Sponsored by Allendale Baptist Church
Grant City High School
501 East Avenue
Grant City, MO 64456
CONTACT: Carol Hall (at Mike's Garage) 660.786.2469

Saturday, March 13. 2004 7:00 PM
Tickets Advance $10, $12 Door, and groups 10 or more Advance $5
Purchase at Apologia Bookstore 812-334-8927,
1109 E. Columbus Street
Martinsville, Indiana 46151
CONTACT: Church 765-342-3616 OR
Rick Hoffman 765-342-7806


Those of you coming to see us this weekend in Wisconsin and on many if not all (still have to confirm) of the weekends to come this spring will get a special treat. Our secret weapon, keyboardist Bill Hubauer, will be touring with us.

Bill has played keyboards on every ApologetiX CD from "Jesus Christ Morningstar" on. We've only ever played "live" onstage with him for a handful of concerts before, but they've been great experiences. Bill is also an amazing guitarist, vocalist, songwriter and producer. His band, Ten Point Ten, did many concerts with ApologetiX from 1997-99, which is when we first hooked up. His sense of humor is perfectly suited to the band. You'll love him. We're very excited about playing with Bill.

In addition to our CDs and upcoming concerts, you can hear more of Bill Hubauer at


As you probably know from our recent newsletters, "Look Yourself," the first single from our new "Adam Up" CD, recently hit #1 on ChristianBEATS National Rap & Hip Hop Charts, #1 on, and #10 on R & R's Christian rhythmic charts.

This week, it hits #1 on the CHR and Hot Popular Music Charts for CMRadio.Net. Several weeks ago, it was voted CMRadio.Net's #1 requested song overall!

The full charts can be found at:


Even though "Look Yourself" continues to hit on new charts, it's time for us to release a new single from our new "Adam Up" CD. After much consultation with radio experts nationwide, we decided upon "Lifestyles of the Rich & Nameless," the story of Lazarus and the Rich Man from Luke 16 told through a parody of Good Charlotte's "Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous."

We have sent the new single of the track to radio, remixed and produced by our lead guitarist/producer, Karl Messner, with assistance from ApologetiX drummer, Bill Rieger, and sound guy, Bob Flaherty.

Karl made the announcement recently on our on-line chat and later on the Rick & Bubba Show last week. "Lifestyles of the Rich & Nameless" will be officially released to Christian rock radio on March
1. Feel free to request it from your local Christian station, if you are so inclined :)


Here are some excerpts from reviews of "Adam Up" by The Edge On-Line and HM Magazine:

Love 'em or lump 'em, credit ApologetiX with consistency. Since the mid-1990's, every 18 months or so, there they are -- in the shops that stock their discs and on the radio stations that play them either as drivetime novelty or integral playlist fodder (more than you might suspect, in both cases) - with a new album of 15-20 or more scripturally-minded parodies of pop, country and hip-hop hits from the 1950s to the current decade.

I'm pretty much in the "love 'em" camp ... New twist for the guys is the addition of female vocal trio Everlife on a few cuts, most notably "Meshach," a B-52s spoof wherein A'X singer J. Jackson vocally comes on like ol' Fred Schneider (think 'bout that). Jackson sounds to be getting more skilled at impersonation, aping Mick Jones decently on Clash mock-up "Should I Pray or Should I Go?" and getting down a Scottish brogue to make over the Proclaimers ("I'm Gonna Feed (500 Mouths)").

Throughout A'X put sacred texts to song as good as Michael Card or anyone more "serious" about it. Credit ApologetiX with consistency on that account, too.

Jamie Lee Rake HM Magazine

Albums like Apologetix's 'Adam Up" threaten to discredit reviewers such as I. Having repeated statements such as 'This is their best album yet!" album after album, we feel we just might not be taken seriously. However, the parody king's 8th album is just that. 22 tracks span decades of musical history and almost an hour and twenty minutes of spoofs that are funnier and truer to the originals than ever before.

It's dangerous work, taking a swipe at a song that's loved by millions. The pressure is greater than coming up with original material, as the standard for the song has already been set by the chart success of the original. When you listen to the track, the first thing that comes to mind is 'How does this compare to the original?". ApologetiX knows all to well that to pull it off, they need to not only hit the sound dead on, but also make the lyrics either as impacting as the original or so far out to fall into satire.

ApologetiX have proven themselves in the past with parodies that sound eerily close to the originals, songwriting that's both funny and relevant and capturing a broad audience with songs from most popular genres. They do it all again with 'Adam Up", only this time they're better than ever before. No, really, we mean it this time!

-- Chad, The Edge On-Line

You can read the full review at


We just received word via news release that Everlife, the group whose wonderful female harmonies are featured prominently on our "Adam Up" CD on the songs "Meshach," "Get Found Tonight," "Sweet Oholibamah" and "Choose Your Daddy," have been signed to a major label. We knew it was only a matter of time, and we're very proud of them and happy for them! Here's the info from the press release:

Franklin, TN
Tovah Music / Crowne Music is proud to announce the signing of Everlife, the third project in the partnership between the two labels.

'Everlife is one of those bands that is seemingly too good to be true. They are committed to touring, are fabulous musicians, have huge hearts for ministry and have created an amazing following on their own," states Kevan Cyka, general manager of Tovah Music. 'This band has a huge future ahead of them."

Three sisters, Amber (19), Julia (14) and Sarah (17) started Everlife five years ago in their native Pittsburgh, PA when the then 9 year old Julia announced to the others that they needed to start a band. Their amazing harmonies and proficiency on numerous instruments, combined with natural songwriting talents made the young Julia's idea a reality.

Over the past 5 years, the trio has consistently played 150 dates a year starting anywhere they could find an audience. Everlife's song 'Lead the Way" was #1 on their local Pittsburgh Fish station, they played the mainstage at Lifelight Fest in South Dakota for 75,000 people, have done numerous mission trips overseas and sold over 5000 copies of their own acoustic CD out of the back of their van.

'When Kevan brought this project to us, we were just amazed at the talent these three girls possess," continues Michael Turner, general manager of Crowne Music. 'Crowne is always looking for artists that are striving for more than just making good music. The girls' focus on missions was very attractive because they are not only embracing culture, they are affecting it. Plus, we really want the atmosphere at Crowne to feel like a family, and the personalities of the Everlife family fits great in our family."

Crowne Music / Tovah Music is distributed by Word Entertainment / WEA and based in Franklin, TN. Everlife's currently untitled debut album is scheduled for a August 24 release.


This list adds concerts frequently, so stay tuned for more info. For the full details on all of the concerts below, please go to and scroll to the bottom.

To inquire about booking a concert, please contact
Kathleen Burke or
Burke Communications at
949-770-3001 (9 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST).

Feb 27 - Janesville WI Feb 28 - New London WI Mar 6 - Toledo OH Mar 12 - Grant City MO Mar 13 - Martinsville IN Mar 20 - Conneautville PA Mar 27 - Gulfport MS Mar 28 - Gulfport MS Apr 02 - Johnson City NY Apr 17 - El Cajon CA Apr 24 - Footville WI May 01 - Pensacola FL May 14 - Mesa, AZ (Private concert for their Youth group) May 15 - Mesa, AZ


Now you can order our latest CD, "Adam Up," our limited edition "Isn't Wasn't Ain't" CD (from 1993 -- it's primitive, but it is part of our history) and Christmas CD, and $7 cracked case editions of our other CDs ... and you can do it online (see link below) OR by mail (See order form at the bottom of this email).

You can pay by any of the following methods: credit card, ATM card, check or money order. We generally process orders within 24 hours and ship first class mail for small U.S. orders and Priority Mail for larger U.S. orders. Orders outside the United States are shipped via Air Mail to expedite the process.

If you'd like to order online, just click on this link or (if your Internet service doesn't allow you to click this link) copy and paste it into the address section on your Internet browser:


Here's a list of what songs are on our brand new CD, 'Adam Up," the new titles, the original songs and artists they spoof:

1. We're in a Parody Band ('We're an American Band" by Grand Funk Railroad)
2. Lifestyles of the Rich & Nameless ('Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous by Good Charlotte)
3. Boy Tell the World ('Joy to the World" by Three Dog Night)
4. Choose Your Daddy ('Who's Your Daddy?" by Toby Keith)
5. Meshach ('Love Shack" by the B-52's)
6. I'm Gonna Feed (500 Mouths) ('I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" by the Proclaimers)
7. Get Found Tonight ('Get Down Tonight" by K.C. & the Sunshine Band)
8. Look Yourself ('Lose Yourself" by Eminem)
9. Should I Pray or Should I Go ('Should I Stay or Should I Go" by the Clash)
10. The Spittle ('The Middle" by Jimmy Eat World)
11. Sweet Oholibamah ('Sweet Home Alabama" by Lynyrd Skynyrd)
12. It's Not Eden ('Superman (It's Not Easy)" by Five For Fighting)
13. Listening After Midnight ('Living After Midnight" by Judas Priest)
14. Psum 14 ('Fat Lip" by Sum 41)
15. The Word ('Grease" by Frankie Valli)
16. Wherever You Will Sow ('Wherever You Will Go" by the Calling)
17. Wake Up Talitha Cumi ('Wake Up Little Susie" by the Everly Brothers)
18. Guide the Way ('By the Way" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers)
19. Little-Read Bible Book ('Li'l Red Riding Hood" by Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs)
20. Downer of a Sister ('Chop Suey" by System of a Down)
21. Lazy Brain ('Crazy Train" by Ozzy Osbourne)
22. Called My Wife ('All My Life" by the Foo Fighters)


"Isn't Wasn't Ain't" is a limited edition CD (not available in stores), which is a re-release of our 1993 release, "Isn't Wasn't Ain't," which was previously available only on cassette (only about 1,000 copies were made of the original).

We'd hoped to satisfy our fans' desire for new material with the release of 'Adam Up," but many of you still wanted more. So we've remastered a CD version of 'Isn't Wasn't Ain't," complete with a very cool-looking label. Like our 'Have Yourself a Parody Little Christmas," this CD does not have a CD booklet (tracks are listed on the label) and is not available in stores. It's something we're making available especially for our email newsletter fans.

Here's a list of what songs are on the limited edition reissue CD our 1993 release 'Isn't Wasn't Ain't," the new titles, the original songs and artists they spoof:

1. Isn't Wasn't Ain't ('Livin' Lovin' Maid" by Led Zeppelin)
2. David and Goliath ('Paperback Writer" by the Beatles)
3. Lions ('Signs" by Five Man Electrical Band and Tesla)
4. Patients ('Patience" by Guns n' Roses)
5. Help Me, Rhoda ('Help Me, Rhonda" by the Beach Boys)
6. That Daughter ('Black Water" by the Doobie Brothers)
7. Little Esther ('Little Sister" by Elvis Presley)
8. Don't Try ('Don't Cry" by Guns n' Roses)
9. I Found the Answer There ('I Saw Her Standing There" by the Beatles)
10. Be Like David Was ('Feel Like Makin' Love" by Bad Company)
11. Ain't That a Miracle ('Pink Houses" by John Cougar Mellencamp)
12. Faith Pt. 2 ('Faith" by George Michael)
13. Christians Doin' Music ('Listen to the Music" by the Doobie Brothers)
14. What is and Will Forever Be ('What is What Should Never Be" by Led Zeppelin)
15. Matthew 9 ('I Feel Fine" by the Beatles)
16. He Really Got Mad ('You Really Got Me" by the Kinks and Van Halen)
17. Love Ain't Nothin' ('Long Train Running" by the Doobie Brothers)
18. Verynice City ('Paradise City" by Guns n' Roses)

And, like we said, there's plenty more available at the link. You can still order the special Christmas CD, the autographed concert posters, and the $7 cracked CD sale for our other seven titles, 'Radical History Tour" through 'Grace Period."


Just click on this link or (if your Internet service doesn't allow you to click this link) copy and paste it into the address section on your Internet browser:


Just fill in the form below and mail it to us at:

ApologetiX 3251
Conway Wallrose Rd
Baden PA 15005-2313

Please make checks/money orders payable in U.S. funds to ApologetiX.

Shipping & handling is a flat rate of $5 for your entire order ($10 for orders outside the United States), no matter how many you order.

Simply print out this e-mail and fill out the form below and send it in along with your check/money order to the address at the bottom of the order form.

We must receive your check/money order before we ship. Don't worry about contacting us by e-mail. Just send the form via postal mail and include your name and address.



Please list the quantity in the blank space next to the title:


______ Adam Up ($15 per CD)

______ Isn't Wasn't Ain't ($15 per CD)

______ Autographed Touring Poster ($15 per Poster)

______ Grace Period-Cracked Case ($7 per CD)

______ Keep the Change-Cracked Case ($7 per CD)

______ Spoofernatural-Cracked Case ($7 per CD)

______ Biblical Graffiti-Cracked Case ($7 per CD)

______ Jesus Christ Morningstar-Cracked Case ($7 per CD)

______ Ticked-Cracked Case ($7 per CD)

______ Radical History Tour-Cracked Case ($7 per CD)

______ Christmas CD ($7 per CD)

TOTAL NUMBER OF $15 ITEMS ______ x $15 = ______

TOTAL NUMBER OF $7 ITEMS ______ x $7 = ______

______ Sub-Total

+ $5 Shipping & Handling ($10 for orders outside of the United States)

______ TOTAL COST (please make checks/money orders payable to ApologetiX)

Name: _____________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________

Please include this order form and print your address information on the order. NOTE: Our shipping process will be delayed the week of Feb. 1, so please get your orders in before then!

Send your order, along with your check or money order, to:

ApologetiX 3251
Conway Wallrose Rd
Baden PA 15005-2313



-- J. Jackson Lead Singer/Lyricist ApologetiX (That Christian Parody Band)

2 Peter 3:9:
'The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance."