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ApologetiX in TN/GA, WI, Awards, #1 Album, #2 Hit
Thu., Jun. 3. 2004 11:04am EDT

1. Friday: Chattanooga TN (2 Hours from Atlanta GA)
2. Next Saturday: Milwaukee WI
3. ApologetiX Nominated for American Christian Music Awards (You Can Vote)
4. "Adam Up" #1 Modern/College Album, "Lifestyles" #2 Single
5. Full-Length HM Magazine ApologetiX Interview Online
6. Upcoming Concerts (Including a New One in Elizabethtown PA)
7. Correction: What About Bob?

J. Jackson, lead singer and lyricist for ApologetiX (That Christian Parody Band) here.

Hope you're having a good day! I'm typing this interview to you in the earliest hours of Thursday, June 3, my wedding anniversary. I'm grateful that I have a job that allows me the flexibility to spend my wedding anniversary with my lovely wife, Lisa, and our three darling daughters, Janna, Heather and Kelly.

Of course, the fine print reveals that shortly after the clock strikes midnight tomorrow, our beautiful stage coach will turn into a pumpkin that looks an awful lot like a 15-passenger van, which the band members will board at 4:45 a.m. Friday so we can get to our concert in Chattanooga TN in plenty of time (You thought the only way to get there was by choo choo train?) All that having been said, we're all well aware that it's a great life that God has given us, and we're honored and excited about playing at J103 FM's J-Factor festival, where we'll be headlining Friday night.

We've got some cool news to share with you this week: a #1 album, a #2 hit, and a nice long on-line interview with a top Christian music magazine. How cool is that?

Also, I'd like to report that I reached the halfway mark in the Bible (That's Psalm 118, in case you didn't know. FYI, the shortest chapter of the Bible is Psalm 117 and the longest is Psalm 119 -- I still think it's so cool the way that worked out ) earlier this week in my annual pilgrimage from Genesis to Revelation. As I've been saying for years, it's the only book that gets better every single time you read it. I love books, but any other book I've read multiple times just can't capture the excitement the second or third time through. The Bible is different; it's the living active Word of God (Hebrews 4:12), and I learn so much new stuff each time through. I can't wait to share some of that in our next batch of parodies, whenever we get around to putting out a follow-up to "Adam Up." Ah, but that's for another time down the road. On with the show!


Friday, June 4, 2004 - ApologetiX Headline at 9:00 PM
Gates open at 6 PM with Jonah 33 and others J-FACTOR
(Sponsored by J103 Radio)
Camp Jordan Exit 1 (last exit in TN before you hit GA)
Chattanooga, TN
Luis Palau Livin it BMX & Skateboard Team and featuring some X-Gamers
Tickets: 1-day $10.95 or 2-day $19.95 (includes J-Fest on Saturday)
Purchase by phone at J 103 or visit
Whitewing Christian books in Cleveland, TN Major credit cards accepted
Tent camping available $2 per person, RV Camping is $15 per vehicle
CONTACT: 423-892-1200


Saturday, June 12, 2004
FREE Event
7801 W. Acacia Street
Milwaukee, WI 53223


Incredible as it seems, ApologetiX has been nominated in three categories for the 2004 American Christian Music Awards. And the best part is, you can actually vote (more details below)! Here are the categories in which ApologetiX is nominated:

Outstanding Rap/Hiphop song "Look Yourself"

Outstanding Modern/College Rock Song "Lifestyles of the Rich & Nameless"

Outstanding Modern/College Rock Artist ApologetiX

American Christian Music Awards nominations are voted on by both fans and industry members of the Christian/Gospel Music world. You can find a complete nominations list at

If you'd like to vote, there's a link on the site where you can download the official ballot. Multiple ballots from an individual are prohibited, so there's no stuffing the ballot box. Thanks for your support!


Our latest CD, "Adam Up," is the #1 national Christian Modern/College Rock Album for the second straight week, according to ChristianBEATS. We neglected to inform you that it hit #1 last week, because ... uh ... we didn't know! We also missed telling you that our latest single, "Lifestyles of the Rich & Nameless," hit #2 last week on the national Christian Modern/College Singles chart. That's pretty amazing, because we released it quite some time ago. Needless to say, we are amazed and grateful to God for these honors. If you'd like to see the charts for yourself, go to


HM Magazine, the leading authority on Christian hard rock, printed an interview with yours truly in its current May/June issue. We've known for some time that HM readers seem to be split down the middle as to their feelings about us. Some love us, and some hate us, thinking we probably never had an original thought in our heads, aren't real musicians, contribute to global warming, etc., etc.

HM Editor Doug Van Pelt asked the hard-hitting questions he asks all artists (Christian and mainstream), and we were grateful for the chance to answer some of the questions that critics ask. Unfortunately, due to space constraints, much of the interview had to be cut (I understand -- I'm a former journalism major) in the newsstand edition. However, the Internet has all kinds of space, and HM has posted the entire interview in its online edition. You just gotta love the title of the article: "ApologetiX: The Band Half of You Hate."

If you'd like to check it out, here's the link:

(link no longer active)


This list adds concerts frequently, so stay tuned for more info. For the full details on all of the concerts below, please go to and scroll to the bottom.

To inquire about booking a concert, please contact
Kathleen Burke
Burke Communications
949-770-3001 (9 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST).

Jun 04 - Chattanooga TN Jun 12 - Milwaukee WI Jun 26 - Manlius IL Jun 27 - Springfield IL Jul 10 - LIFEST, Oshkosh WI Jul 16 - Sonshine Festival, Wilmar MN Jul 18 - Kimberly WI Jul 23 - Beaver Springs PA Jul 24 - Bensalem PA Jul 29 - Richmond VA Aug 01 - Ludington MI Aug 04 - Kingdom Bound NY Aug 07 - Greensburg PA Aug 21 - Calhoun LA Aug 23 - Elizabethtown PA (NEW) Aug 27 - Ellsworth ME Aug 28 - Cincinnati OH Sep 05 - Erie PA Sep 10 - 12 West Linn OR Sep 18 - Alton IL Oct 09 - Peachtree City GA (Atlanta)


In last week's email, I listed a history of ApologetiX Memorial Day Weekend happenings, and I neglected one of the most important. In 1995, on Memorial Day Weekend in Lorton VA, we played our first concert with Bob "Rockin' Bobby" Flaherty on drums.

Bob played with us from the spring of 1995 through the fall of 1998 and you can hear his handiwork on our "Ticked" ("Rolling Clone") CD. You can also meet him in person at most of our concerts these days, because he's been running sound for us for over a year now. In addition to that, Bob does a large share of the driving, packing and country-music playing involved with our road trips. He is affectionately known as "Punk" to most of the ApologetiX children, but my two-year-old daughter can't pronounce that, so she calls him "Honk."

Bob was a fan and a friend of the band long before he joined us (I first met him in late 1989), and he continues to be one. He is very skilled at contracting, construction and mechanics, and is extremely generous with his time. I think he's helped all of us with our home improvement projects and auto repairs at one time another. He's the guy we're talking about at the end of the song "We're in a Parody Band" when we say, "We're in Bob Flaherty's band." Furthermore, in the second verse of that song, we refer to our van breaking down in Philadelphia (in 2000). What we don't mention is that it broke down again the next night when we got within an hour of our homes. We called Bob in the middle of the night, and he came to our rescue and drove us to safety.

What a guy! If you think of it, please pray for a special blessing for our good friend Bob. Thanks!

Oh, and special thanks to my old college roommate (and my roommate when I first got out of college), Tom Dellaquila, who reminded me that 16 years ago on Memorial Day Weekend, I was basically doing nothing while he went to the Pink Floyd concert. How could I forget?!!!



-- J. Jackson Lead Singer/Lyricist ApologetiX (That Christian Parody Band)

John 3:17
(Jesus is speaking) "For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him."