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ApologetiX in PA, Where to Get New CD
Tue., Oct. 16. 2001 11:18pm EDT

J. Jackson, lead singer for ApologetiX (That Christian Parody Band) here.

I want to include so much more in this newsletter, but unfortunately, we don't have much extra space, so we'll keep it down to a few topics:

1. Weekend Wrap-Up
2. Concerts in Pennsylvania (Butler and Brookville) This Weekend Plus Directions
3. Where to Get the New CD (On-Line and in Stores)
4. Other Upcoming Concerts


Greetings to all of you who came to see us at the Cup O' Joy Benefit concert in Green Bay, WI, this past weekend! That was great! The next morning we drove WAY up north to Eagle River for the concert hosted by Ziggy Stardust, who was every bit as funny and exuberant as we hoped! That rascal Keith (a rose by any other name and our bass player by many other names, including the latest, "Cliff") had a plane ticket home in case he had to work the next day, but Karl and Bill drove us home through the night, and we made it back in about 13 hours.

The Amazing Haynie van (a.k.a. the ApologetiXmobile) appears to be on its last legs (wheels?) and was declared unfit for future long-distance romps by the mechanic, so we rented a 15-passenger van -- something we'd done a few times in the past. Getting a 15-passenger van really appears to be the way to go for us. Please pray for us as we look into our options for the next phase in ApologetiX transportation. Note: I confess that I received one of the two speeding tickets I ever got in my life while driving a 15-passenger van through Illinois in 2000. We were towing the trailer that time, too,and it's 55 mph if you have a trailer in Illinois (Ask me how I know!) I have the unfortunate habit of sometimes working a little too hard on songs in my head when I should be paying more attention to the road. Let's just say that the song "Choirboy" cost about $100 more (of my money, not the band's) than any other song on the "Spoofernatural" CD. Thankfully, we have concerts in Western Pennsylvania near our home base in Pittsburgh this weekend.

Thanks to everyone who responded to Karl's e-mail request by voting for their favorite publicity photo. Boy, did we get a huge response! In fact, it was so huge that Karl's e-mailbox was full and wouldn't accept any more votes! Unfortunately, we didn't find out about this until it was too late, because we were well on our way to Green Bay! If you tried to vote and couldn't, please try again! Here's the site again:


Here's where we're scheduled to be this weekend. Please note that we are only doing one concert at the Scarlet Cord in Brookville on Saturday. There will be no afternoon show, but that'll make the evening show even more intense!

Fri., Oct. 19 at 7:00 p.m.
St. Mark's Lutheran Church
201 W. Jefferson St.
Butler PA 16001
Contact: Pastor Rich Leseganich


(From Pittsburgh PA) 79N to Cranberry Exit Turn right at Denny's & Exxon onto 228 E follow all the way to Rt 8 (wave at Karl's horses as you pass the barn on the dangerous curve to the right) Left onto Rt. 8 N Pass Lyndora exit, then Left over the Bridge Go 5 lights and turn left at Eckerd Drug onto W. Jefferson Church is on corner of Jefferson & Washington


(From Erie PA) 79s to Cranberry Exit Turn left at end of exit onto 228 E ( I Think you can do that) Follow all the way to Rt 8 (wave at Karl's horses as you pass the barn on the dangerous curve to the right) Left onto Rt. 8 N Pass Lyndora exit, then Left over the Bridge Go 5 lights and turn left at Eckerd Drug onto W. Jefferson Church is on corner of Jefferson & Washington


Sat., Oct. 20 at 8:00 p.m.
Scarlet Cord Teen Center
150 Main St. Brookville PA
Contact: Erik Lane (Scarlet Cord) 814-849-7659

Directions from I-80:

Take the Brookville exit off I-80 to Brookville's "Historic District". *If you're coming from the west (I-79, or Youngstown, OH) Take the first Brookville exit (PA 36) & follow the signs to the Historic District. *If you're coming from the east (NYC, NJ, State College) Take the first Brookville exit (PA 28) & follow the signs to Brookville.

Directions from other State & Federal highways:

*If you're coming from the south (PA Turnpike, Johnstown, Greensburg, US 119), follow US 119 to just south of DuBois, PA & turn west onto US 322. *If you're coming from the south east (US 322, Harrisburg, or MD), follow US 322 into Brookville. *If you're coming from the south west (Pittsburgh, Kittanning, PA 28), follow PA 28 into Brookville.

This will take you to PA Rte. 28/US Rte. 322 or "Main Street". Follow Main St. until you see The Cord's storefront entrance at 150 Main Street. They have a mailbox out front with the address on it.


The sixth and latest CD by ApologetiX, "Keep the Change," was released October 9, 2001. "Keep the Change" features 19 tracks -- 12 parodies of songs from 1967-1980 and seven parodies of songs from the past year or so ... everything from Elton to Eminem, Bee Gees to Blink 182, Led Zep to Limp Bizkit, Three Dog Night to Three Doors Down. Our initial response from radio and from fans has been fantastic! So how can you get a copy?


"Keep the Change" CD won't be available from for a couple weeks, because we want to give the stores nationwide the first crack at it, because they waited so patiently for us to put it out. However, if you prefer to order on-line or can't find it in your local store, "Keep the Change" is on sale for $12.99 at right now! Here's where to go:

link no longer active

You can also write an on-line review of "Keep the Change" at the site if you care to do so. It certainly wouldn't hurt us if you did, but we know you're busy. After all, it takes hours to read these long-winded e-mails from yours truly (It takes hours to write 'em, too!)


It's been a very long time since we updated the list of stores that we know stock our CDs, but we finally did, and we're including it in this newsletter, so you'll know where to go to get "Keep the Change." All the stores who have placed orders from us or from the distributors ought to have them by now, unless any of the distributors have delayed shipment. If your store hasn't ordered "Keep the Change" yet, please tell them they can do so through all the major distributors, including New Day, Spring Arbor, Riverside, Central South and Anchor. If they wish to order direct (free shipping and free demo CD) from us, please ask them to contact:

Tim Hetchler Wesscott Marketing 1.800.788.0442

Many stores that stock ApologetiX CDs order through the distributors, and may not appear on this list. If you know of a store that stocks ApologetiX and is not on this list, please e-mail to, and we'll add them to this list. Please note that all Best Buy stores now stock ApologetiX in their Christian music sections, but they have not added "Keep the Change" to inventory yet, because of a buying freeze instituted after September 11. However, they had planned to stock it previously, so they will most likely stock it in the near future.

Advocate Books & Gifts - Birmingham AL
The Alabaster Box - Blountsville AL
Books for His Flock - Pell City AL Christian Bookstore - Florence AL
Dove Chrisian Supply - Dothan AL
Gadsden Christian Book Store- Gadsden AL
Joy Christian Supply - Jacksonville AL
Kindred - Birmingham AL
Lighthouse Bookstore - Auburn AL
Praise the Lord Books & Gifts - Tuscaloosa AL
Sybil's Christian Supply - Dothan AL

Last Frontier - Anchorage AK
Mainline Christian Booksellers - Fairbanks AK

Amazing Grace Christian Center - Tempe AZ
Ark Christian Bookstore - Yuma AZ
Bible & Gift Shoppe - Safford AZ
Boone's Gospel Corner Books - Sierra Vista AZ
Built Upon the Rock - Cottonwood AZ
CDGB's - Phoenix AZ
Central Christian Supply - Phoenix AZ
Christian Books & More - Mesa AZ
Christian Music Emporium - Phoenix AZ
Crossroads of Life Christian - Peoria AZ
Gospel Supplies - Tucson AZ
Jesus Chapel - Scottsdale AZ

Christian Supply Store - Conway AR
Lambs Way Bookstore - Batesville AR
Lantern Bookstore - Paragould AR
Mardel Christian - Little Rock AR
Solid Rock - Fort Smith AR

Abundant Life Fellowship/Solid Rock Bookstore - Roseville CA
Beardsley's Book & Bible Store - Modesto CA
Bible Bookstore - Hemet CA
Bumblebean - Prunedale CA
C28 Store - Corona CA
Calvary Chapel Books - Carlsbad CA
The Chapel Store - Chino CA
Chico Christian Center - Chico CA
Christian Book & Gift - Buena Park CA
Christian Book Center - Fair Oaks CA
Christian Book Center - Newark CA
Christian Connection - Merced CA
Christian Digital Music - Santa Maria CA
Christian Discount Center - Santa Fe Springs CA (5)
Christian Demo Clearing House - Rancho Cucamonga CA
Christian Heritage College Bookstore - El Cajon CA
Edals Books - Sacramento CA
Family Christian Stores - Chico CA
Family Christian Stores - Garden Grove CA
Gospel Books & Music - Mountain View CA
Heaven Bound Books - Sonora CA
I AM Ministries - Huntington Park CA
Lighthouse Christian Stores - Glendale CA (10)
Lighthouse Christian Store - Pasadena CA
Linda's Bible Bookstore - Santa Cruz CA
Lion and the Lamb Bookstore - Cupertino CA
Living Word Christian Center - Oroville CA
Long's Christian Bookstore - Rancho Cucamonga CA
The Olive Branch - Hemet CA
Redding Christian Supply - Redding CA
Revelations - El Centro CA
Sonshine Christian Store - Mission Viejo CA
Valley Book & Bible Stores - Van Nuys CA (6)
Vine and Branches - Lodi CA
Visalia Christian Supply - Visalia CA
West Angles Christian Bookstore - Los Angeles CA
The Word - Panorama City CA

Ark Bookstore - Denver CO
Berean Bookstore - Littleton CO
Grace Christian Bookstore - Castle Rock CO
Greatest Gift & Scripture Supply - Pueblo CO
Intermountain Christian Bookstore - Grand Junction CO
Logos Bookstore - Boulder CO
One Way Street - Denver CO
One Way Street - Englewood CO
Promise Keepers - Denver CO
Sonlight Bookstore - Glennwood Springs CO
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Majesty Bible & Manchester CT

Word of Life Bookstore - Newark DE

Central Christian Bookstore - Vero Beach FL
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Everlasting Life Bookstore - Immokalee FL
Family Christian Stores - Miami FL
Family Christian Stores - Pensacola FL
Gainesville Christian Supply - Gainesville FL
Gospel Lighthouse Bible Bookstore - Pensacola FL
Heavenbound Book & Music - Naples FL
Joyful Noise - Lake City FL
Joyful Reader - Tampa FL
Life For Youth Ranch Bookstore - Vero Beach FL
Living Word Christian Store - Sarasota FL
Long's Christian Book & Music Store - Orlando FL
The Master's Shoppe - West Palm Beach FL
Paxon Christian Bookstore - Jacksonville FL (2)
Paxon Christian Bookstore - Orange Park FL
Right Way - Orange City FL
Sonlight Christian Family - Niceville FL
Tampa Christian Supply - New Port Richey FL
Tampa Christian Supply - Clearwater FL
Tampa Christian Supply - St Petersburg FL
Tampa Christian Supply - Tampa FL

The Carpenter's Shop - Athens GA
Heaven's Light Books & Gifts - Statesboro GA
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New Beginnings - Zanesville OH
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PROMISE KEEPERS AND ACQUIRE THE FIRE Promise Keepers and Chalmers Music Seminars (at Teen Mania's Acquire the Fire and other events) also stock ApologetiX CDs, including "Keep the Change," at their events.


Fri., Oct. 26 at 9:00 p.m.
Common Ground Beautiful Savior Lutheran 5005 Northwest Blvd.
Plymouth MN 55442
Contact: Larry Deyoe 763-550-1000
ext. 106

Sat., Oct. 27 at 8:00 p.m.
Nebraska Church of God Retreat
Rock Haven Conv. & Retreat Center
76309 Road 415
Gothenburg NE 69138
Contact: Jason Johnson 402-486-3450

Sat., Nov. 3 at 7 p.m.
Praise Tabernacle
2235 Ocean Heights Ave.
Egg Harbor Twsp, NJ 08234
Contact: Yvonne Parr 609-601-2460

Sun., Nov. 4 at 5 or 6 p.m.
Erie, PA
More into to come

Wed., Nov. 7 at evening
"His Place" Cornerstone Television
Wall PA
This program featuring interviews and mini-concerts with ApologetiX will be recorded Nov. 7 and broadcast in two parts Nov. 8-9. If you'd like to be part of the studio audience, please contact e-mail to:

Fri., Nov. 16 at 7:00 p.m.
FCA Benefit
Poplar Bluff High School
1300 Victory Lane
Poplar Bluff MO 63901
Contact: Jim Hoyt, Cheerful Heart Ministries

Sat., Nov. 17 at 7:00 p.m.
First Baptist Church
801 US Hwy 50 East
Union, MO 63084
Contact: Rich Permenter 636-583-2386

Sun., Dec. 2 at 7 p.m.
Cedar Grove BIC Church
RR #4, Box 4715
Mifflintown, PA 17059
Contact: Craig Zendt 717-436-6023

Sun., Dec. 30 at 7:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.
Toronto 2001
NE Area Wesleyan Youth Convention
Sheraton Hotel
123 Queen St.
West Toronto, Ont. Canada
Contact: Rob MacCallum

Thank you all for your support and your encouragement ... and, most of all, for your prayers!


J. -- J. Jackson Lead Singer/Lyricist ApologetiX (That Christian Parody Band)

Revelation 3:20
(Jesus is speaking) "Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me."