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Remembering ApX Fan Steve Fagan
Sat., Jul. 10. 2021 1:09pm EDT

J. Jackson, lead singer and lyricist for ApologetiX here again.

About two and a half weeks ago, we received this sad news from the Rhonda Fagan, the wife of longtime ApologetiX fan Steve Fagan of Round Rock TX:

It is with deep sorrow I share the news of my husband, Steve's, passing. He went home October 29, 2020, at 6:46 a.m. From my arms to those of Jesus. He had been diagnosed with glioblastoma brain cancer March 25, 2020.

Steve specifically asked me to continue to contribute to The ApologetiX, support the ministry and your families.

He was always so tickled to introduce your music to others. He often used it to witness, a sort familiar transition and sharing opportunity, good music made great. His efforts to convince our church in Leander to host the band were treasure to him. I can't even begin to tell you how honored he was.

I pray the Lord's opens heaven and pours blessings on you. If Steve is as adamant with Lord as he was with Pastor Bren, get ready.

We celebrated Steve's 55th birthday October 5, 2020, a little more than three weeks before he passed.

I was very sad to hear the news. I responded to Rhonda at the time with my condolences and some questions. I also asked if she would be all right if we're shared what she had said as a tribute to Steve. On Monday, she sent that following:

I'm sorry I have taken so long to respond. We celebrated Steve's 55th birthday October 5, 2020, a little more than three weeks before he passed.

Our son, Jared, is 22 now. We're both struggling and very lost. Trying to figure out what we do next. Jared and I are both exploring education and career options. Steve had decent life insurance, so many expenses are taken care of. I can't even begin to describe the emotional and spiritual upheaval. It's definitely one set footprints in the sand for now.

Steve and I had a new home built. Our closing was supposed to be the day he had surgery. So, all the plans we made fell away. God had other plans.

I haven't worked in more than 20 years. I specialized in call center technology installation and project management. The career that took me, and eventually Steve, to Uniontown PA, Moundsville WV, and Morgantown WV, once upon a time. But technology years are worse than dog years.

The Lord assured me He has a plan, but I need to get through this part first. Please use any part of my letter you'd like. You can edit as you see fit.

Thanks for allowing me to share. I know ny words pale in comparison to Steve's passion. I was surprised by the number of people that contacted me to say how much Steve had meant to them, how much help he had been during one situation or another. His prayers, faith, advice and help meant so much to them. He kept most of it very quiet. He told me, the glory belongs to the Lord, not Steve.

When a friend passes, I will sometimes go through old emails from them so people can hear the person I knew. Here's an email Steve sent us a almost a decade ago, on November 5, 2011, after our Wise Up and Rock CD came out:

Hey J! I downloaded the CD on October 31. Once I saw it was available I took early leave from work and hurried home to download it.

The music is incredible! The addition of the keyboards really aids these songs! My wife enjoyed the medley, she said you sounded better then some of the original singers!

Would like to have a lyric sheet when it's available.

And here's another one from September 6, 2012, after he sent a donation, that shows his heart for sharing ApologetiX with others:

We pray all is well. Could I beg a favor from you? Our associate pastor, Dave Giles of Leander AG, is moving on to new ministry in Washington State. I would like anything that comes from this donation (the DVD and/or downloads) to go to Dave, if its at all possible. I would greatly appreciate it. His information is below.

Please tell me you are not coming to Texas in the next three weeks. We are headed out of town and it seems you always are in the area when we are out of town.

We are honored that God gave us such favor with Steve. Please join us in praying for Rhonda and Jared.