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03.31.20This Week's News Update: New CD Sent to Fans

ApologetiX in NJ, New CD Hits CCM Top 20
Wed., Oct. 31. 2001 3:08pm EST

J. Jackson, lead singer for ApologetiX (That Christian Parody Band) here!

1. "Keep the Change" hits Top 20
2. ApologetiX in NJ this Weekend
3. Christmas Parodies
4. The New ApologetiX-Mobile
5. Keith Celebrates Six Years as ApologetiX Bassist
6. Keep the Change Reviews
7. Another Chance to be on TV with ApologetiX
8. Upcoming Concerts
9. Prayer Requests & Answered Prayers
10. Late-breaking News: It's a Miracle!


Did you ever notice how some of the neatest stuff happens when you're not expecting it? I was talking with Lee Haley at HM Magazine (He also plays with the legendary Christian punk band One Bad Pig) yesterday, and he congratulated me that our new CD had hit the bestsellers charts for Christian music.

After some double checking, we found out it's true. In the latest issue of CCM Update (October 22), our new "Keep the Change" CD is listed as #20 on the Christian Retail Best-Sellers Rock chart. CCM Update is published by CCM Communications, the same people who publish CCM Magazine, the main source of information on Christian. For those of you who aren't familiar with the term, CCM stands for "contemporary Christian music."


Sat., Nov. 3 at 7 p.m.
Praise Tabernacle
2235 Ocean Heights Ave.
Egg Harbor Twsp, NJ 08234
Contact: Yvonne Parr 609-601-2460
Church Phone: 609-927-4560
Tickets: $10
All profits will be going to Haiti orphanage. They can hold tickets at the door under your name if you tell them how many.

Take Garden State Parkway and head south. Get off at Exit 36 (Northfield Margate) Jug handle will empty out on to Tilton Road (one way). Make a right at the first traffic light (Fire Road). Go straight for 4 lights. Make a right at the 4th light (Zion Rd) Go straight until you come to first light. Turn right at this light( Ocean Heights Ave). The church is not too far from here. It's hard to see because it's set back in wooded area. Look to your left. Praise Tabernacle is dome-shaped church about 1/4 mile from where you made the right turn Praise Tabernacle, 2235 Ocean Heights Ave, Egg Harbor Township, NJ. Church phone number is 609-927-4560.

Take I-76 headed East, Cross Walt Whitman Bridge (no toll) Stay straight while immediately looking for and following signs heading to Atlantic City or Atlantic City Expressway. Stay on Atlantic City Expressway (eventually you will hit a $2 toll) Continue and get off at exit 7-S. This puts you on Garden State Parkway South. Get off at Exit 36 (Northfield Margate) Jug handle will empty out on to Tilton Road (one way). Make a right at the first traffic light (Fire Road). Go straight for 4 lights. Make a right at the 4th light (Zion Rd) Go straight until you come to first light. Turn right at this light( Ocean Heights Ave). The church is not too far from here. It's hard to see because it's set back in wooded area. Look to your left. Praise Tabernacle is dome-shaped church about 1/4 mile from where you made the right turn Praise Tabernacle, 2235 Ocean Heights Ave, Egg Harbor Township, NJ. Church phone number is 609-927-4560.

Head East on Rt 40, watch for signs for Mays Landing. Once in Mays Landing on Route 40 you will see a lake on the right. At the next right, bear right staying on the edge of the lake. At the next light (Testa's Pub) go right (this is 559) Go straight through the first traffic light & immediately look for signs for Alternate 559. This will be a left turn after a bend in the road. Turn left on Alternate 559 (Ocean Heights Ave). Go straight through the first traffic light that you come to. The church is on the right and set back. If you come to another traffic light shortly after where there is aCumberland farms, you missed it. Turn around and it is 1/4 mile from Cumberlands. Praise Tabernacle, 2235 Ocean Heights Ave, Egg Harbor Township, NJ. Church phone number is 609-927-4560.

Head North on Garden State Parkway. Get off Somers Point exit heading north on Route
9. Go straight fot 6 traffic lights. Make a left at the 6th traffic light (Starns Shoprite on left) At 1st stop sign make a left onto Ocean Heights Ave. Go Straight for 2 traffic lights. Not long after the second traffic light (1/4 mile), Praise Tabernacle is on the left. It's hard to see, because it's set in. Praise Tabernacle, 2235 Ocean Heights Ave, Egg Harbor Township, NJ. Church phone number is 609-927-4560.


Hey, we are working on an EP (The musical answer to "What's bigger than a single and smaller than an album?") for radio release which will include the two Christmas-oriented parodies from our new CD, "Keep the Change," -- "Manger" and "Christmasnite" -- plus a 2001 studio version of "Hotel Can't Afford Ya" (No, we didn't change the lyrics to this one; we're just updating it to reflect our three years' experience playing it in concert) -- plus two or three other Christmas-oriented parodies (a '70's tune that was also popular in the '90's, an '80's tune, and a tune from two years ago) that we've never recorded or performed live before.

Our initial goal with this EP is to release it to both Christian and secular radio stations for December. Christmas is an excellent time to get Christian music played on non-religious stations, because people turn their thoughts more toward God, and they seem to feel a lot less-threatened by baby Jesus than they do by grown-up Jesus.

We actually have enough material to do a whole CD of Christmas-oriented parodies and we've been talking about that for a few years, but we never seem to have enough time to put it together in time to get it to stores for the Christmas market. Don't worry, though; whether they're on this EP or on something else, we'll make sure there's a way you can get these new songs for your ApologetiX collection. But first, we're in a rush to get everything recorded. Please pray for us as we attempt to get everything done in time.


Hooray! We finally found and purchased a 15-passenger van to be the new ApologetiX-mobile! It's a white 1998 Dodge Ram 3500 with a V8 engine. Actually, we got to take it on a 2500-mile test drive to Minnesota and Nebraska this past weekend! Thanks to all of you who prayed for us in this regard!


In October, Keith Haynie celebrated his sixth anniversary as the official bass player for ApologetiX. Well, OK, he didn't actually celebrate, but it did mark the sixth anniversary of his first concert as our official bass player, a concert in West Virginia. I don't know if it means anything, but we haven't played in that state since! Now if you went to get technical, Keith's first concert with us was actually almost nine years ago, when he filled in for us at a Christmas concert for a youth group he led at his church in Cranberry PA! Considering the fact that Keith recently had his eleventh anniversary as the brother-in-law of ApologetiX guitarist and co-founder, Karl Messner, it looks like his job is pretty secure. Seriously, folks, Keith is one of the funniest men alive and one of the most gentle, kind, reliable men of God I've ever met. We've worked with many drummers over the years, and they've all commented about Keith's steady, dependable, bass line.

If you've been following ApologetiX for a while, you probably know that Keith has an incredible gift of mistaken identity. People don't necessarily think he LOOKS like somebody other than himself (O.K., there is a growing rumor that he may actually be Spiderman), but they always seem to get his name wrong. This phenomena started at a Waffle House in Georgia during our 1996 tour, when the waitress mistakenly called him "Stan," and it's continued full force ever since. We consider it our duty to keep track of the names Keith has acquired over the years, but we only count the names he was given by people who genuinely got his name wrong ... not by people who decided they wanted to give him a nickname. This past weekend, Keith acquired yet another name, when a member of the group Poor Baker's Dozen mistakenly referred him as Ryan.

For the record, here's the progression and origin of the names, as best as I recall:

Keith (given name)
Stan (Waffle House in Georgia - 1996)
Ted (Ohio - 1997)
Gary (Bradford PA - 1998)
Stu (Lock Haven PA - 1999)
Curly (McDonald's in Ohio or Indiana - 1999)
Kevin (on the job in Pennsylvania by a thankful customer - 1999)
Baby (All-night diner in Reading PA - 1999)
Kenny (Denny's in Albany NY - 1999)
Rich (church in Donora PA - 1999)
Speedo (church in Donora PA - by a pastor - 1999)
Lee (concert in Houston TX - 2000)
Mr. Galparin (airplane on Texas trip - 2000)
John Crawford (I can't remember where but it happened - 2000)
Brian (concert in Kansas - 2000)
Frank (I can't remember where, but it happened - 2000)
Sean (concert in Austin TX - 2001)
Mark (concert in Sept/Oct 2001 but I can't remember where)
Omar (same concert in Sept/Oct 2001 but I can't remember where)
Cliff (photographer who took publicity shots - 2001)
Ryan (concert in Minnesota - 2001)

Remember: We don't count it if somebody TRIES to give Keith a new name. The beauty of this list of names is that they were names used by people who unintentionally got Keith's name wrong.

If you'd like to send Keith an e-mail, his e-mail is, and he's finally back on line!


Hey, I was at the website for Christian Book Distributors today (, and while I was there I checked out the customer reviews of "Keep the Change." I was blown away! There were nine reviews and they were all 5 stars out of 5! If you're one of the people who wrote the reviews, thanks! If not, here are the reviews:

Sean Cox from Sheridan, Arkansas (Reviewed on October 26, 2001 )
Product Rating:??5 out of 5 ??

Comments:??"This album by far is the best. I have listened to all their other albums, but this one tops them all. It just astonishes me of how close they are to the original artist. God has truly blessed this band with the gift of music. I look forward to another awesome album. Keep up the good work and keep the change."

Paul Menzel from Boise, Idaho
( Reviewed on October 26, 2001 )
Product Rating:??5 out of 5 ??

Comments:??"If you are familiar with ApologetiX and haven't bought this CD yet, buy it now! This is easily their best yet (yes, even better than "Spoofernatural"). And if you've never heard ApologetiX but have ever lamented not being able to get the lyrics to that less-than-edifying mainstream song out of your head, here's your solution--new words to replace the old. Where else can you hear Eminem's boastful, vulgar "The Real Slim Shady" transformed into an altar call that emphasizes humility before God ("The Real Sin Savior")? This is parody at its best. "Weird" Al, step aside. Real Rating: 10 out of a possible 5."

Don from North East, PA
( Reviewed on October 25, 2001 )
Product Rating:??5 out of 5 ??

Comments:??"This is the best ApologetiX cd yet! It is FANTASTIC! If the songs were any closer, they'd be the originals!"

Paul Blackham from Trafford, PA
( Reviewed on October 24, 2001 )
Product Rating:??5 out of 5 ??

Comments:??"The Boisterous Boys of Biblical Borrowing have struck again with another wonderful powerful creative serious funny work of art, KEEP THE CHANGE. If you've never heard these guys before, prepare to be astounded. Production quality has never been better; J. Jackson's lyrics and vocals reach new heights; Karl's guitar caused my smoke alarm to go off; the whole band is the tightest that it's ever been. It contains a great song selection that will again please old and young. The modern hits include their most ambitious excursion into hard-core/alternative music since their 1997 offering TICKED. They cover Blink 182, Limp Bizkit, Eminem, Papa Roach, Nine Days, and Three Doors Down, with the Limp Bizkit song transformed into an awesomely powerful (can we even say "moving") statement about God's grace. The classic hits feature predominantly a trip into the 70's, where they include the best of the 70's (Led Zeppelin), and also the, well, not so best of the 70's (the disco Bee Gees--although they picked probably the best song of the genre). And their take on "Freebird" is one of their best ever. And on this CD, in the process of transforming and redeeming the lyrics of these songs, J. has managed to transform more cuss words into clean God-honoring phraseology than was ever considered humanly possible! One of the best things about an Apologetix CD is that ALL of the songs are hits. Here you get 19 more of 'em. Along with an encouraging message of how God's grace will change you and keep you. So buy this CD right away (this is a great price!). And Keep the Change."

MOB Ferret from n/a
( Reviewed on October 24, 2001 )
Product Rating:??5 out of 5 ??

Comments:??"This is ApologetiX' best CD yet! This CD contains a variety of old and new music parodies, instead of just one theme. My friend listened to "Simp Liztik" and couldn't even tell that it was a parody until listening to the lyrics. If you liked their "Ticked" album, then I can almost guarentee you'll love this one."

Seth Barnes from Roaring Spring, PA
( Reviewed on October 24, 2001 )
Product Rating:??5 out of 5 ??

Comments:??"This album is by far the best from Apologetix. It is hilarious, and it spreads a great message of Christ."

DJJOHN from Reynoldsville, PA
( Reviewed on October 18, 2001 )
Product Rating:??5 out of 5 ??

Comments:??"Apologetix is a great evangelism tool to have. Their effectiveness in keeping the music and flow of the songs to the original is outstanding. I met the band several years ago and they keep getting better with age. (kinda like cheese, but you dont have to scrape the mold off!!) I feel their hearts are full of God and they proclaim it loudly. Keep up the good work. "

Paul from Gadsden,Al
( Reviewed on October 17, 2001 )
Product Rating:??5 out of 5 ??

Comments:??"This album is the best one ApologetiX has put out. I have only been a fan of theirs for almost a year but I have all their albums. My personal faves are "Stay In The Light" which is a parody of The Bee Gees "Stayin' Alive" "Old Time Romans Road" which parodies "Old time Rock N Roll" by Bob Seger "You Booked Me All Along" which parodies "You Shook Me All Night Long" by AC/DC. But the one I liked most of all was "Bethlehemian Rhapsody" which is a parody of "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen. They did this song on their 1994 release "Radical History Tour" but they re-released it with new lrics ad the quality is much better. All in all,if you like parodies, but want something different, then ApologetiX is for you. Get all 6 albums, especially Keep The Change."

Joe from Cleveland Ohio
( Reviewed on October 09, 2001 )
Product Rating:??5 out of 5 ??

Comments:??"This is an awesome cd, if you like the original songs, you will love the parody one, they spend quality time on making sure the parody sounds just like the original."


In case you missed it in last week's e-mail newsletter, here's another chance for you to be on T.V. with ApologetiX. We're going to be taping two shows for Cornerstone Television's nationally broadcast "His Place" program on Wednesday, November
7. The episodes are slated to air November 8 and 9.

The show's host, Jeff, has once again opened the doors if you'd like to be part of the studio audience. We had a great crowd when we did the shows this past June. Last time we talked a little and did three or four songs per show, but there were other guests. This time, the shows' main focus will be on ApologetiX. "His Place" is filmed in a diner format, and they need people to fill the booths. They will also take people for off-stage, just to make crowd noise. I've done it in the past for other people myself, and it's fun.

If you'd like to come, you're invited. In case you don't know, "His Place" is filmed in Wall, PA, near Monroeville (near Pittsburgh) off Rt. 48. You can also use,, or yahoo maps for directions. The official address is: Cornerstone Television, 1 Signal Hill Dr., Wall PA 15148-1499.

The filming would start at 9:30 p.m. and probably be done by 11 p.m. You should plan to arrive between 9-9:15 p.m., but not before 9 p.m., because you'll be sitting around. If you arrive after 9:15 p.m., they can still probably get you in the studio, but after 9:30 p.m., that will be troublesome. It's helpful if you call or e-mail first, so they know to expect you, although you can still come if you forget to call. Please call 412.824.3930 and ask for anyone in the "His Place" department. If no one is in, the receptionist should be able to help you. You can also e-mail Jeff at


Our booking agent, Kathleen Burke (, is working on a lot of new concerts right now, but most of those are for 2002, so it looks like we'll have a few weeks off in between concerts in November and December. I wouldn't be surprised if we add a concert or two to the 2001 schedule in the meantime, but I'm telling you, we won't complain if we actually get a few weekends off. But here's what's on the schedule for now.

Wed., Nov. 7 at evening
"His Place" Cornerstone Television
Wall, PA.
This program featuring interviews and mini-concerts with ApologetiX will be recorded Nov. 7 and broadcast in two parts Nov. 8-9. If you'd like to be part of the studio audience, please contact e-mail to:

Fri., Nov. 16 at 7:00 p.m.
FCA Benefit
Poplar Bluff High School
1300 Victory Lane
Poplar Bluff MO 63901
Contact: Jim Hoyt, Cheerful Heart Ministries

Sat., Nov. 17 at 7:00 p.m.
First Baptist Church
801 US Hwy 50 East
Union, MO 63084
Contact: Rich Permenter 636-583-2386

Sun., Dec. 2 at 7 p.m.
Cedar Grove BIC Church
RR #4, Box 4715
Mifflintown, PA 17059
Contact: Craig Zendt 717-436-6023

Sun., Dec. 30 at 7:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.
Toronto 2001
NE Area Wesleyan Youth Convention
Sheraton Hotel
123 Queen St.
West Toronto, Ont. Canada
Contact: Rob MacCallum
Sat., Nov. 3 at 7 p.m. Praise Tabernacle 2235 Ocean Heights Ave. Egg Harbor Twsp, NJ 08234 Contact: Yvonne Parr 609-601-2460


Here's a prayer request from Chris Reiger, the wife of our drummer, Bill:

"I have received a few emails inquiring about our family friend, Lisa Roberts. Here's an update. I think I mentioned that on the same day she was told there were 5 spots on her lungs, her father was diagnosed with leukemia. He just died on Thursday, October 25. He also had a bad heart and wasn't responding to the chemotherapy. Eventually, he was admitted to ICU where his organs began shutting down and he died. He died about 3 weeks after being diagnosed. In the meantime, Lisa, who has a deadly form of cancer called soft-tissue sarcoma, is in a kind of wait-and-see hold. Basically, people with that type of cancer die very quickly. There has been no one who has lived longer than 5 years after being diagnosed. It's been 3 and a half years so far. For reasons I'm not sure of, the type of cancer she has does not respond to ! chemotherapy. She's already had 2 operations on her lungs to remove spots. She can't have another operation because they can't remove any more tissue from her lungs. The spots on her lungs right now aren't big enough for her to qualify for a trial study in New York so right now, they're actually hoping that in the next few weeks, they grow. Please continue to pray for healing. Also, pray for peace for her family. This is one of those situations when you think, how much Lord? Her only sibling died of leukemia when Lisa was a teen-ager and her aunt has a brain tumor. Lisa is married to Paul, a pastor at a Presbyterian church in Butler, PA. They have 2 teenage children and a younger child. Thank you all for your prayers. In Him, Chris Rieger"

If you'd like to e-mail Chris, her e-mail is

Here's an update and praise report/prayer request from our former drummer and good friend, Bob Flaherty. Most of you will remember that this past April, his wife, Jill, was having severe headaches and had to be hospitalized, and the doctors found something that appeared to be a brain tumor. The final verdict was to wait six months and see what happened. Since then, they have moved from Pittsburgh, Pa., to North, South Carolina (Yeah, Bob's having a lot of fun with that one!) Here's the latest from Bob:

"Jill had a MRI on the morning of October 25. I am trying not to get excited until Wednesday, October 31, when we meet with the doctor, but the technician said she didn't see anything on the scans that looked like something was out of the ordinary. I remember when I saw her films in Pittsburgh at Allegheny General Hospital that it was very easy for me to spot the "tumor", I looked at these films and didn't see anything. Now I know I am not a doctor and the technician isn't either, but I am hoping for a miracle. Thanks for all your prayers."


Hey, I wrote that part above about Bob's wife, Jill, earlier today, and tonight we just got this e-mail from Bob:

"Unbelievable! Jill went to the doctor today and there is NO tumor, nothing. They said whatever was there is gone and she can quick taking medicine and go on living normal (if that is possible with me). Praise God, this is a miracle."

Here's what Jill had to say in an e-mail of her own:

"I just wanted to send a note out updating everyone on how my doctor's appointment went today...he compared my x-rays from May to the ones I took last week and the tumor (or whatever it was) is GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The scans show absolutely nothing abnormal. Praise the Lord for His healing power and His mercy! I feel like I have my life back again. I also get to stop taking that horrible medication that makes me so tired....Dr. Patel told me to slowly wean myself off of it and I should be totally done with it by next week. I just have to say here... All the credit and glory goes to the Lord...all things ARE possible through HIM. Love you all, A very happy Jill"

If you'd like to e-mail Bob & Jill, Bob's e-mail is

Now what more can we say? God is faithful! Keep those prayers coming, because God hears and answers them!



-- J. Jackson Lead Singer/Lyricist ApologetiX (That Christian Parody Band)

James 5:16
Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective. (NOTE: In case you're wondering if you're righteous enough for your prayer to be powerful and effective, the Bible says in Romans 3:10 that without Christ, "There is no one righteous, not even one" but Romans 3:22a explains that "This righteousness from God comes through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe."