What Is ApologetiX?

ApologetiX specializes in Biblical parodies of rock and pop (and occasional rap and country) hits from yesterday and today, including everything from Elvis to Eminem, AC/DC to ZZ Top, Three Dog Night to Three Doors Down to Three Days Grace, The Beach Boys to The Backstreet Boys to The Beastie Boys and beyond.

It's kind of like "Weird Al" Yankovic meets Billy Graham. In fact, to our knowledge, ApologetiX is the only artist to have been featured on the radio shows of both Billy Graham and Howard Stern … not to mention both The 700 Club and The Dr. Demento Show! 

Although referred to as “That Christian Parody Band,” the group has a two-fold mission — to reach the lost and teach the rest — and takes its name from the word "apologetics," meaning the defense of the Christian faith (1 Peter 3:15). As lead singer/lyricist J. Jackson says, “We take the Bible very seriously; we just don’t take ourselves too seriously.”  

ApologetiX played its first official concert on March 27, 1992 in Irwin PA and since then has played about 1500 concerts in all 50 of the United States plus Canada. Over the years, the group has also released 73 CDs and three DVDs.

In 2014, ApologetiX began scaling back on touring in order to focus on producing and releasing more music. In the decade since, the group has released a new single (featuring two parodies) about every two weeks and a new CD about every three months. 

On September 1, 2024, ApologetiX will play its first concert since 2017 — as the closing act at this year’s Immortal Fest three-day event at BMI Event Center in Versailles OH (near Dayton). https://www.bmieventcenter.com/immortal-fest-part-i-aug-30-sep-1/

Other artists scheduled to play that weekend include: Bride, The Daniel Band, Fear Not, Ironwrath, James Durbin, Les Carlsen of Bloodgood, Neon Cross, Sacred Warrior, Saint, Shout, Trytan, Whitecross, and Worldview. The emcee will be the legendary Pastor Bob Beeman of Sanctuary International.

Who is ApologetiX?

J. Jackson

Lead Vocalist/Lyricist

Tom Tincha


Keith Haynie


Tom Milnes

Guitarist/Backing Vocalist 

Jimmy "Vegas" Tanner

Drummer/Recording Engineer

Rich Mannion

Keyboardist/Backing Vocalist
Electronic-Drum Programmer