Three Months Till Our Big Concert

In case you missed our announcement in January, ApologetiX is booked to play what will be our first concert in almost seven years. We've gotten a tremendous response from fans all over the United States and Canada who tell us they're planning to attend.

Our most-recent show was on October 24, 2017. We've been comfortable operating as a studio-only band since then and have been saying all along that it would take something really big to get us back up on stage. Well, this is it!

We're honored to be selected as the closing act for the third annual Immortal Fest in Versailles OH on Labor Day Weekend this year. ApologetiX will play Sunday night, September 1, and most of our fans will still have Monday off for the holiday.

Other artists scheduled to play that weekend include: Bride, The Daniel Band, Fear Not, Ironwrath, James Durbin, Les Carlsen of Bloodgood, Neon Cross, Sacred Warrior, Saint, Shout, Trytan, Whitecross, and Worldview. The emcee will be the legendary Pastor Bob Beeman of Sanctuary International.

If we were going to return to the stage, we always felt the ideal spot would be a centralized location in the Midwest that would enable as many of our fans as possible to attend from north, south, east, and west. Versailles OH fits the bill. Here are some nearby cities and how far away they are from Versailles:

Dayton OH (45 miles), Muncie IN (50 miles), Cincinnati OH (95 miles), Columbus OH (100 miles), Indianapolis IN (110 miles), Toledo OH (130 miles), Ann Arbor MI (175 miles), Lexington KY (175 miles), Detroit MI (190 miles), Louisville KY (195 miles), Cleveland OH(225 miles), Chicago IL (250 miles), Pittsburgh PA (285 miles), Saint Louis MO (350 miles), and Nashville TN (365 miles).


Sunday, September 1, 2024
Immortal Fest II
BMI Event Center
791 E. Main St
Versailles, OH 45380

BMI Event Center is Miami Valley's best concert venue. The 1500 seat-indoor concert hall includes a 330-seat balcony.

CLICK HERE for more info on the artists, the schedule, the event itself, and tickets.