Clues for 2024 Single #11

We hope to release our 11th single of 2024 by the end of this weekend, Lord willing. 

Here are your clues. Want to really impress us? See if you can spot all of the references in both entries. We counted a total of 18.

Israel reached its high-water mark under King Solomon. He ruled a prosperous and peaceable kingdom, but his son Rehoboam refused to use kid gloves when dealing with the working man. In the end, his malignant narcissism and bravado prevented him from showing grace under pressure, resulting in a severe reduction in his territories.

Read the Bible, and you’ll soon see that many Israelite rulers had up-and-down reigns. Some lived a double life, walking a fine line between good and bad. Even King David got his priorities all mixed up and was touch and go for a while, getting through only because he repented before it was too late. God expects loyalty from His royalty. That’s it.